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ITU-T Recommendations - Under Traditional Approval Process

The traditional approval process (TAP) is described in WTSA Resolution 1, section 9. Section 8 of the same Resolution defines how selection is done between the traditional approval process and the alternative approval process (AAP) (see ITU-T Recommendation A.8) for the development and approval of Recommendations.

TAP Recommendations Under Approval Process
RecommendationsDeterminedCircularStudy GroupTitle
D.600R_AnnexB 2020-07-10 -3Cost methodology for the regional tariff group for Africa applicable to the international automatic telephone service - Annex B: Guidelines for implementing efficient cost models for telecommunication service tariffs in the Africa region
D.607R 2020-07-10 -3One Network Area Roaming
D.1041 2020-08-28 -3Policy and methodological principles for determining colocation and access charges
E.212 Annex H 2020-06-05 CIR 2542The international identification plan for public networks and subscriptions - Annex H: Criteria and procedures for the assignment and reclamation of shared ITU-T E.212 mobile country codes (MCC) for regional and other international organizations (ROIO)/standards development organization (SDO)-specified networks and their respective mobile network codes (MNCs)
X.1054 2020-03-26 CIR 24617Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection - Governance of information security
X.1217 2020-09-02 CIR 26817Guidelines for applying threat intelligence in telecommunication network operation
X.1368 2020-09-03 CIR 26817Secure firmware/software update for Internet of things devices
X.1376 2020-09-03 CIR 26817Security-related misbehaviour detection mechanism using big data for connected vehicles
X.1811 2020-09-03 CIR 26817Security guidelines for applying quantum-safe algorithms in 5G systems
Y.4471 2020-07-16 CIR 26720Functional architecture of network-based driving assistance for autonomous vehicles
Y.4559 2020-07-16 CIR 26720Requirements and functional architecture of base station inspection services using unmanned aerial vehicles
Y.4908 2020-07-16 CIR 26720Performance evaluation frameworks of e-health systems in the IoT

TAP Recommendations approved during Study Period
RecommendationsStatusCircularsApproval DateStudy GroupTitle
A.1In ForceC16-138/C16-198 2019-09-27 TSAGWorking methods for study groups of the ITU Telecommunication Standardization Sector
A.5In ForceC16-138/C16-198 2019-09-27 TSAGGeneric procedures for including references to documents of other organizations in ITU-T Recommendations
A.13In ForceC16-138/C16-198 2019-09-27 TSAGNon-normative ITU-T publications, including Supplements to ITU-T Recommendations
A.25In ForceC16-138/C16-198 2019-09-27 TSAGGeneric procedures for incorporating text between ITU-T and other organizations
D.198In ForceC16-101/C16-166 2019-05-02 3Principles for a unified format of price/tariffs/rates lists used for exchanging telephone traffic
D.262In ForceC16-101/C16-166 2019-05-02 3Collaborative framework for OTTs
D.263In ForceC16-101/C16-166 2019-05-02 3Costs, charges and competition for mobile financial services (MFSs)
D.264In ForceC16-197/ 2020-04-09 3Shared uses of telecommunication infrastructure as possible methods for enhancing the efficiency of telecommunications
D.1040In ForceC16-243/C16-266 2020-08-28 3Optimizing terrestrial cable utilization across multiple countries to boost regional and international connectivity
D.1101In ForceC16-243/C16-266 2020-08-28 3Enabling environment for voluntary commercial arrangements between telecommunication network operators and OTT providers
E.102In ForceC16-154/C16-222 2019-12-13 2Terms and definitions for disaster relief systems, network resilience and recovery
E.118 (2006) Amd. 1In ForceC16/115-C16-153 2019-02-28 2Revised registration form
E.119In ForceC15-250/C16-020 2017-04-07 2Requirements for safety confirmation and broadcast message service for disaster relief
E.156In ForceC16-229/C16-255 2020-06-05 2Guidelines for ITU-T action on reported misuse of ITU-T E.164 number resources
E.164.2In ForceC16-229/C16-255 2020-06-05 2ITU-T E.164 numbering resources for trials
E.169.1In ForceC16/115-C16-153 2019-02-28 2Application of Recommendation ITU-T E.164 numbering plan for universal international freephone numbers for international freephone service
E.212 (2016) Amd. 2In ForceC16-219/C16-255 2020-06-05 2New Annex G - Assignment of shared E.212 mobile country codes (MCC) for trials
E.217In ForceC16-063/C16-153 2019-02-28 2Maritime communications – Ship station identity
E.218 (2004) Amd. 1In ForceC16-229/C16-255 2020-06-05 2New Annex B - Criteria and procedures for the assignment and reclamation of shared ITU T E.218 terrestrial trunk radio access mobile country codes ((T)MCC) for networks and their respective terrestrial trunk radio access mobile network codes ((T)MNCs)
E.805In ForceC16-177/C16-217 2019-12-05 12Strategies to establish quality regulatory frameworks
G.9700 (2014) Amd. 2SupersededC16-002/C16-040 2017-06-30 15-
G.9700In ForceC16-132/C16-187 2019-07-12 15Fast access to subscriber terminals ( - Power spectral density specification
G.9710In ForceC16-188/C16-232 2020-02-07 15Multi-gigabit fast access to subscriber terminals (MGfast) - Power spectral density specification
G.9901In ForceC16-002/C16-040 2017-06-30 15Narrowband orthogonal frequency division multiplexing power line communication transceivers - Power spectral density specification
G.9964 (2011) Amd. 3In ForceC16-188/C16-232 2020-02-07 15-
J.1012In ForceC16-079/C16-139/C16-180/C16-248 2020-04-23 9Embedded common interface for exchangeable CA/DRM solutions; CA/DRM container, loader, interfaces, revocation
J.1013In ForceC16-079/C16-139/C16-180/C16-248 2020-04-23 9Embedded common interface for exchangeable CA/DRM solutions; The virtual machine
J.1014In ForceC16-079/C16-139/C16-180/C16-248 2020-04-23 9Embedded common interface for exchangeable CA/DRM solutions; Advanced security – ECI-specific functionalities
J.1015In ForceC16-079/C16-139/C16-180/C16-248 2020-04-23 9Embedded common interface for exchangeable CA/DRM solutions; The advanced security system - Key ladder block
J.1015.1In ForceC16-139/C16-180/C16-248 2020-04-23 9Embedded common interface for exchangeable CA/DRM solutions; The advanced security system - Key ladder block: Authentication of control word-usage rules information and associated data 1
M.3362In ForceC16-229/C16-255 2020-06-05 2Requirements for telecommunication anti-fraud management in the telecommunication management network
Q.3643In ForceC16-241/C16-262 2020-07-22 11Signalling architecture of distributed infrastructure ENUM networking for IMS
Q.5050In ForceC16-105/C16-159 2019-03-15 11Framework for solutions to combat counterfeit ICT devices
Q.5051In ForceC16-205/C16-240 2020-03-13 11Framework for combating the use of stolen mobile devices
X.1042In ForceC16-113/C16-148 2019-01-30 17Security services using software-defined networking
X.1058In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Information technology - Security techniques - Code of practice for personally identifiable information protection
X.1080.0In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Access control for telebiometrics data protection
X.1126In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Guidelines on mitigating the negative effects of infected terminals in mobile networks
X.1127In ForceC15-052 2017-09-06 17Functional security requirements and architecture for mobile phone anti-theft measures
X.1148In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Framework of de-identification process for telecommunication service providers
X.1212In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Design considerations for improved end-user perception of trustworthiness indicators
X.1213In ForceC15-052 2017-09-06 17Security capability requirements for countering smartphone-based botnets
X.1214In ForceC16-053/C16-085 2018-03-29 17Security assessment techniques in telecommunication/information and communication technology networks
X.1215In ForceC16-113/C16-148 2019-01-30 17Use cases for structured threat information expression
X.1216In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Requirements for collection and preservation of cybersecurity incident evidence
X.1248In ForceC15-052 2017-09-06 17Technical requirements for countering instant messaging spam
X.1249In ForceC16-113/C16-148 2019-01-30 17Technical framework for countering mobile in-application advertising spam
X.1254In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Entity authentication assurance framework
X.1279In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Framework of enhanced authentication using telebiometrics with anti-spoofing detection mechanisms
X.1331In ForceC16-053/C16-085 2018-03-29 17Security guidelines for home area network (HAN) devices in smart grid systems
X.1332In ForceC16-195/ 2020-03-26 17Security guidelines for smart metering services in smart grids
X.1361In ForceC16-086/C16-114 2018-09-07 17Security framework for the Internet of things based on the gateway model
X.1362In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Simple encryption procedure for Internet of things (IoT) environments
X.1363In ForceC16-219/C16-256 2020-05-29 17Technical framework of personally identifiable information handling system in Internet of things environment
X.1364In ForceC16-195/ 2020-03-26 17Security requirements and framework for narrowband Internet of things
X.1365In ForceC16-195/ 2020-03-26 17Security methodology for the use of identity-based cryptography in support of Internet of things (IoT) services over telecommunication networks
X.1366In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Aggregate message authentication scheme for Internet of things environment
X.1367In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Standard format for Internet of things error logs for security incident operations
X.1371In ForceC16-219-C16-256 2020-05-29 17Security threats to connected vehicles
X.1372In ForceC16-195/ 2020-03-26 17Security guidelines for vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication
X.1373In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Secure software update capability for intelligent transportation system communication devices
X.1403In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Security guidelines for using distributed ledger technology for decentralized identity management
X.1541In ForceC15-052 2017-09-06 17Incident object description exchange format version 2
X.1550In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Access control models for incident exchange networks
X.1603In ForceC16-053/C16-085 2018-03-29 17Data security requirements for the monitoring service of cloud computing
X.1604In ForceC16-195 2020-03-26 17Security requirements of Network as a Service (NaaS) in cloud computing
X.1605In ForceC16-195/ 2020-03-26 17Security requirements of public Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in cloud computing
X.1606In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Security requirements for communication as a service application environments
X.1750In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Guidelines on security of big data as a service for Big Data Service Providers
X.1751In ForceC16-246/C16-270 2020-09-03 17Security guidelines on big data lifecycle management for telecommunication operators
Y.2773In ForceC15-233/C16-013 2017-02-17 13Performance models and metrics for deep packet inspection
Y.2774In ForceC16-077/C16-108 2019-03-14 13Functional requirements of deep packet inspection for future networks
Y.4500.2In ForceC16-072/C16-091 2018-05-06 20oneM2M – Requirements
Y.4556In ForceC16-169/C16-213 2019-12-06 20Requirements and functional architecture of smart residential community