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ITU-T Recommendations - Under Traditional Approval Process

The traditional approval process (TAP) is described in WTSA Resolution 1, section 9. Section 8 of the same Resolution defines how selection is done between the traditional approval process and the alternative approval process (AAP) (see ITU-T Recommendation A.8) for the development and approval of Recommendations.

TAP Recommendations Under Approval Process
RecommendationsDeterminedCircularStudy GroupTitle
G.9700 (2014) Amd.2 2016-09-30 CIR 215Fast access to subscriber terminals ( - Power spectral density specification: Amendment 2
G.9901 2016-09-30 CIR 215Narrow-band orthogonal frequency division multiplexing power line communication transceivers - power spectral density specification
X.1127 2017-03-30 CIR 2917Functional security requirements and architecture for mobile phone anti-theft measures
X.1213 2017-03-30 CIR 2917Security capability requirements for countering smartphone-based botnets
X.1248 2017-03-30 CIR 2917Technical requirements for countering instant messaging spam
X.1541 2017-03-30 CIR 2917Incident object description exchange format version 2
Y.4454 2016-08-05 CIR 23820Platforms interoperability for smart cities

TAP Recommendations approved during Study Period
RecommendationsStatusCircularsApproval DateStudy GroupTitle
E.119In ForceC15-250/C16-020 2017-04-07 2Requirements for Safety Confirmation and Broadcast Message Service for Disaster Relief
X.1058In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Information technology - Security techniques - Code of practice for Personally Identifiable Information protection
X.1080.0In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Access control for telebiometrics data protection
X.1126In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Guidelines on mitigating the negative effects of infected terminals in mobile networks
X.1212In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Design considerations for improved end-user perception of trustworthiness indicators
X.1362In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Simple encryption procedure for Internet of things (IoT) environments
X.1373In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Secure software update capability for intelligent transportation system communication devices
X.1550In ForceC15-246/C16-023 2017-03-30 17Access control models for incident exchange networks
Y.2773In ForceC15-233/ 2017-02-17 13Performance models and metrics for deep packet inspection