ITU-T Study Group 17 - Study Group Structure

Report generated on 2019-07-20

WP1/17   Fundamental security 
Q1/17   Telecommunication/ICT security coordination 
Q2/17   Security architecture and framework 
Q3/17   Telecommunication information security management 
WP2/17   Network and information security 
Q4/17   Cybersecurity 
Q5/17   Countering spam by technical means 
WP3/17   Identity management and cloud computing security 
Q8/17   Cloud computing security 
Q10/17   Identity management architecture and mechanisms 
WP4/17   Application security 
Q6/17   Security aspects of ubiquitous telecommunication services 
Q7/17   Secure application services 
Q9/17   Telebiometrics 
WP5/17   Formal languages 
Q11/17   Generic technologies to support secure applications 
Q12/17   Formal languages for telecommunication software and testing 
SG17 RG-AFR   Regional Group for Africa