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How do Member States and Associates participate in the work of ITU-T?

Members are entitled to unlimited participation in any or all of ITU-T’s Study Groups, conferences and assemblies. They can present their views either orally or by submitting written contributions thus participating in the preparatory stage and right through the consensus building process, which leads to the production of Recommendations, Resolutions etc.

Sector Members have free electronic access to ITU-T documents - contributions to and reports of meetings, meeting documents, etc. - databases, and study group information exchange areas (e.g. FTP areas). Upon request, they can also receive ITU-T information and Study Group documents in paper form. Members can also access the Word version of both pre-published and in force ITU-T Recommendations.

Associates profit from many of the advantages of Sector Members but are only aligned to a single Study Group. Associates are limited to take part in the process of preparing Recommendations within a study group, including the following roles: meeting participant, contribution submitter, Recommendation editor, and participate in the approval of technical standards. Associates have access to documentation required for their work. They serve as Rapporteur, responsible for directing the studies on a particular topic within the selected study group, except for liaison activities with other bodies which are to be handled separately.