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Can any company or organization become an ITU-T member?

ITU-T Membership is open to all commercial companies and non-profit organizations.  There are two types of ITU-T members: Member States and Sector Members. ITU Member States are represented by national administrations, while Sector Members consist of companies from the private sector (e.g. service providers, equipment manufacturers, scientific institutions), and other regional and international organizations. Sector Members may participate in the work of all ITU-T study groups and obtain access to all ITU-T documents. ITU-T Sector Members may choose from a scale of contributory units ranging from a minimum of 1/2 contributory unit (CHF 31 800) up to 1, 2, 3 or more contributory units.

Entities and organizations interested in ITU-T work may also participate by becoming an Associate. Associates can join only one study group, and have access to documentation pertaining to this single group. The annual fee for Associates is 10,600 Swiss francs.