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How does ITU-T decide what needs standardization?

Simply, the members decide. They input contributions to Study Groups which are assessed and if deemed necessary the work starts. Taking NGN as an example, many felt that the development of NGN technologies was not going fast enough and that international coordination was needed to take charge of the situation. Members including key global telecom services suppliers pushed for ITU to do this. In 2004 the ITU-T NGN Focus Group was quickly formed to address this need and the “Release 1” standards were produced within a year. Work is ongoing.

Additionallymany initiatives focus on bringing new work and new blood into ITU-T’s standardization work – among them a series of events under the umbrella ‘Kaleidoscope’ seeking to better engage with the academic community and “Technology Watch” an initiative to survey the ICT environment for emerging technologies and assess their standardization needs.