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ITU-D Daily Schedule (Geneva)  

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  Details Start Date End Date Group Title Place Status
  [1] 2015-10-05 Add 2015-10-09 Workshop Broadband Access Network Planning India [New Delhi] Confirmed
  [2] 2015-10-07 Add 2015-10-09 Workshop ITU Regional Workshop for CIS on Health Protection though of Telemedicine Service Provision, Especially in Rural and Remote Areas Uzbekistan [Tashkent] Confirmed
  [3] 2015-10-08 Add 2015-10-09 Seminar Regional Conference on e-Accessibility in Europe Serbia and Montenegro [Belgrade] Confirmed
  [4] 2015-10-11 Add 2015-10-11 Forum 5th Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officers’ (CRO) meeting Hungary [Budapest] Confirmed
  [5] 2015-10-12 Add 2015-10-16 Workshop Conformity and Interoperability China [Beijing] Confirmed
  [6] 2015-10-19 Add 2015-10-19 Workshop Regional Workshop on Internet Governance To be determined Confirmed
  [7] 2015-10-19 Add 2015-10-20 Workshop 3rd Regional Forum on Arab Digital Content United Arab Emirates [Dubai] Confirmed
  [8] 2015-10-20 Add 2015-10-22 Workshop Practices for EMC conformity and electrical safety testing (theory and practice) Tunisia [Tunis] Confirmed
  [9] 2015-10-21 Add 2015-10-23 Workshop Technical Asistance to EACO on C&I assessment in East Africa and database matters. Kenya [Nairobi] Confirmed
  [10] 2015-10-25 Add 2015-10-26 Workshop ITU Regional Strategy Workshop on Child Online Protection for the Arab Region: Empowering the future digital citizens Egypt [Cairo] Confirmed
  [11] 2015-10-26 Add 2015-10-26 Workshop Regional Workshop on Strategic Broadband Infrastructure for Development for the Americas Brazil [São Paulo] Confirmed
  [12] 2015-10-26 Add 2015-10-28 Workshop Project Management for ICT Implementation Sudan [Khartoum] Confirmed
  [13] 2015-10-27 Add 2015-10-29 Workshop Regional Workshop for Arab LDCs on Mobile Roaming: National & International Practices Sudan [Khartoum] Confirmed
  [14] 2015-10-27 Add 2015-10-30 Workshop Broadband Quality of Service - End User Perspective Thailand [Bangkok] Confirmed
  [15] 2015-10-27 Add 2015-10-30 Workshop Regional Workshop on ICT Indicators and Measurements for Africa (English Speaking) Ethiopia [Addis Ababa] Confirmed
  [16] 2015-11-04 Add 2015-11-06 Workshop II Regional Workshop "Accessible Americas: Information and Communication for ALL" Colombia [Medellín] Confirmed
  [17] 2015-11-05 Add 2015-11-06 Workshop Strategic Aspects for Internet Governance and Innovations Poland [Warsaw] Confirmed
  [18] 2015-11-10 Add 2015-11-12 Workshop Conformance and Interoperability (C&I) Validation Workshop for COMTELCA member countries and Cuba Nicaragua [Managua] Confirmed
  [19] 2015-11-10 Add 2015-11-12 Workshop Spectrum Engineering Techniques Egypt [Cairo] Confirmed
  [20] 2015-11-16 Add 2015-11-18 Workshop Telecom Strategy for the Pacific – The Next 5 years Fiji [Nadi] Confirmed
  [21] 2015-11-16 Add 2015-11-16 Workshop Electromagnetic Compatibility for ICT and Industrial Products: Conformity Testing Procedures Tunisia [Hammamet] Confirmed
  [22] 2015-11-17 Add 2015-11-18 Workshop Second Steering Committee Meeting of the ITU Arab CoEs Network Tunisia [Hammamet] Confirmed
  [23] 2015-11-19 Add 2015-11-20 Workshop End-to-End QoS Network Design Poland [Warsaw] Confirmed
  [24] 2015-11-29 Add 2015-11-29 Forum Regional Economic and Financial Forum for Arab States Bahrain [Manama] Confirmed
  [25] 2015 Add WTIS15 13th World Telecommunication/ICT Indicators Symposium (WTIS 2015) Japan [Hiroshima] Ongoing
  [26] 2015-12-06 Add 2015-12-10 Workshop ITU/ITSO Training Workshop on VSAT and Satellite Systems : Policy and Regulation For Arab Region Tunisia [Tunis] Confirmed
  [27] 2015-12-14  2015-12-18 Workshop Training on Conformity and Interoperability for AFR region Tunisia [Tunis] Postponed
  [28] Q1/2016  Workshop Broadband Access Germany [Chemnitz] Postponed
  [29] Q1/2016  Workshop Network and IT Security Germany [Chemnitz] Postponed
  [30] 2016-04-04 Add 2016-04-15 SG 01 Rapporteur Groups ITU-D Study Group 1 Rapporteur Group meetings Switzerland [Geneva] Planned
  [31] 2016-04-18 Add 2016-04-29 SG 02 Rapporteur Group ITU-D Study Group 2 Rapporteur Group meetings Switzerland [Geneva] Planned
  [32] 2016-05-04 Add 2016-05-05 Seminar ITU-BDT Arab High Level Expert Meeting on Smart Water Management Egypt [Cairo] Proposed
  [33] 2016-05-17 Add 2016-05-20 Workshop II Workshop and Follow-up of the regional activities on Emergency communications and Climate Change To be determined Proposed
  [34] 2016-05-18 Add 2016-05-20 Forum IV Regional Forum on Inter-connectivity & Reduction of telecommunication service prices and Internet access cost To be determined Proposed
  [35] 2016-07-18 Add 2016-07-19 Forum Americas Regional Development Forum (RDF) To be determined Proposed
  [36] 2016-07-25 Add 2016-07-29 Workshop Training on Conformity and Interoperability for AFR region Tunisia [Tunis] Planned
  [37] 2016-08-23 Add 2016-08-25 Workshop ITU-BDT Regional Workshop on National Strategies for Sustainable Development including Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change Adoption for the Arab Region Bahrain [Manama] Proposed
  [38] 2016-09-19 Add 2016-09-23 SG 01 Third meeting of ITU-D Study Group 1 (2014-2017 study period) Switzerland [Geneva] Planned
  [39] 2016-09-26 Add 2016-09-30 SG 02 Third meeting of ITU-D Study Group 2 (2014-2017 study period) Switzerland [Geneva] Requested
  [40] 2016-10-03 Add 2016-10-06 Workshop Regional Workshop “Accessible Americas III: Information and Communication for ALL” To be determined Proposed
  [41] 2016-12-06 Add 2016-12-08 Workshop ITU-BDT Arab LDCs Regional Workshop on Infrastructure Sharing: Regulatory Perspectives Comoros [Moroni] Proposed


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