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Lista IV - Nomenclátor de las estaciones costeras y de las estaciones que efectúan servicios especiales
2013  Nuevo!   Aviso de publicación con formulario de pedido

List IV contains important information for the mariner in relation to radiocommunications, including GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) and CP (Public Correspondence) services. Detailed information is provided in relation to the facilities available at each maritime coast radio station. These stations may provide watch-keeping using digital selective calling (DSC) techniques and radiotelephony. The frequencies for transmitting and receiving and the geographical coordinates for each station are listed. Details of additional services such as medical advice, navigational and meteorological warnings, MSI (Maritime Safety Information), AIS (Automatic Identification System), meteorological bulletins and radio time signals are also provided, along with hours of service and operational frequencies. List IV also contains information on port stations, pilot stations, coast Earth stations, VTS stations, contact information of RCC (Rescue Coordination Centres), SAR agencies, Navarea coordinators and AtoNs (AIS Aids to Navigation). It should be noted that no supplements will be printed between two editions. However, a file containing a compilation of changes, notified to this List, will be made available for information, free of charge, through the ITU MARS webpage
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Actas Finales de la Conferencia de Plenipotenciarios
Busan, 2014  Nuevo!   Aviso de publicación con formulario de pedido

Decisiones, Resoluciones y recomendaciones adoptadas por anteriores Conferencias Plenipotenciarias: Kioto, 1994; Minneapolis, 1998; Marrakech, 2002; Antalya, 2006; y Guadalajara, 2010, de acuerdo a las enmiendas adoptadas por la Conferencia Plenipotenciaria (Busan, 2014), y Decisiones y Resoluciones adoptadas por la Conferencia Plenipotenciaria (Busan, 2014).
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Otras ediciones:   Busan, Noviembre de 2014   Guadalajara, 2010   Antalya, 2006   Marrakech, 2002   Minneápolis, 1998   Kyoto, 1994   Ginebra, 1992  
eHealth and innovation in women's and children's health: A baseline review
2014  Nuevo!   Aviso de publicación con formulario de pedido

Improving the health of women and children is a global health imperative, reflected in two of the most compelling Millennium Development Goals which seek specifically to reduce maternal and infant deaths by 2015. This joint report by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), based on a 64-country survey, demonstrates - as never before in such detail - the vital role that information and communication technologies (ICTs) and particularly eHealth are playing today in helping achieve those targets. It demonstrates how, every day, eHealth is saving the lives of women, their babies and infants in some of the most vulnerable populations around the world, in a wide variety of innovative ways.
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Circular Internacional de Información sobre Frecuencias de la BR (BR IFIC) - Servicios terrenales

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2015  Nuevo!   Aviso de publicación con formulario de pedido

The BR International Frequency Information Circular (BR IFIC) Terrestrial Services is a consolidated regulatory publication issued once every two weeks by the Radiocommunication Bureau, pursuant to the Radio Regulations (Nos. 20.1 to 20.6 and No. 20.15) and various regional agreements. It contains information on the frequency assignments/allotments submitted by administrations to the Radiocommunication Bureau for recording in the Master International Frequency Register and in the various regional or worldwide Plans.The information published corresponds to the recorded assignments/allotments as well as the notifications in process. The BR IFIC may be consulted directly from the DVD-ROM without installing the data and software (some 4 GB). The BR IFIC contains the query software TerRaQ, the program TerRaNotices for creation and validation of electronic notices, the program TerRaNV for validation of electronic notice files generated by administrations, and the Preface in PDF format. The BR IFIC (Space Services) DVD-ROM is published at the same time (please see Publication Notice No. 283-14).
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Recommendations UIT-T - DVD ROM
2015  Nuevo!   Aviso de publicación con formulario de pedido

This newly enhanced DVD now provides vastly improved search tools, including a detailed search-bycontent that covers all ITU-T Recommendations in force. Recommendations not yet available in their final edited format are included in their provisional pre-published form. A wide range of electronic attachments are also included and or referenced for direct-download from the ITU website. The DVD also includes a searchable collection of selected Handbooks developed by the ITU Telecommunication Sector in fields such as mitigation measures for telecommunication installations and their protection against electromagnetic effects, formal languages, outside plant, network security, quality of service and network planning. This quarterly DVD is available either individually or through a yearly subscription which covers four editions at a discounted rate.
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