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International Telegraph Conference (Berlin, 1885)

10 August - 16 September 1885 - Berlin, Germany

The advent of telephony in 1875 and its subsequent rapid expansion prompted the second administrative conference held in 1885, to consider regulations for telephony. An article consisting of 5 general paragraphs devoted to the “international telephone service” was added to the Telegraph Regulations. A time-unit of 5 minutes was fixed as a unit of charge, and the total length of one conversation was limited to 10 minutes if there were other requests for the use of the telephone line.

Concerning telegraphy, a new tariff system was established which divided the world into two parts, the European regime and the Extra-European regime. Uniform terminal and transit rates were established for the European regime.
International Telegraph Conference (Berlin, 1885)
    • International Service Regulations annexed to the International Telegraph Convention of St. Petersburg (Berlin, 1885)
    • Convention télégraphique internationale de St-Pétersbourg et Règlement et tarifs y annexés (Berlin, 1885)
    • Documents de la Conférence télégraphique internationale (Berlin, 1885)


Dr. de Stephan, Secretary of State for the Department of Posts (German Empire)

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    • Liste des participants de la Conférence télégraphique internationale (Berlin, 1885)

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