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ICTs for a Sustainable World #ICT4SDG

Radio Regulations Board (RRB) Chairmen (1994-present)

1995​Mr. M. Miura (Japan)​
1996​Mr. H. Kieffer (Switzerland)​
1997​Mr. J.C.F. Albernaz (Brazil)​
1998​Mr. V. Timofeev (Russia)​
1999​Mr. J-B. Kouakou Yao (Côte d’Ivoire)​
2000​Mr. R.N. Agarwal (India)​
2001​Mr. P. Aboudarham (France)​
2002​Mr. James R. Carroll (U.S.A.)​
2003​Mr. R.N. Agarwal (India)​
2004​Mr. Momcilo R. Simic (Serbia and Montenegro)​
2005​Mr. Shola Taylor (Nigeria)​
2006​Mr. P. Aboudarham (France)​
2007​Mr. A. Zourmba (Cameroon)​
2008​Ms Julie.N. Zoller (U.S.A.)​
2009​Mr. A.R. Ebadi (Malaysia)​
2010​Mr. Mindaugas Zilinskas (Lithuania)​
2011​Ms Julie N. Zoller (U.S.A.)​
2012​Mr. Victor Strelets (Russian Federation)​​
2013​Mr. P.K. Garg (India)​​
2014​Mr. Stanley K. Kibe (Kenya)
2015​Mr.Yasuhiko Ito (Japan)
2016​Ms. Lilian Jeanty (The Netherlands)