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ITU 150

Council Working Group on Child Online Protection


children-pc.jpgBy Resolution 179 (Guadalajara, 2010), The Plenipotentiary Conference of ITU resolved:
  1. that ITU should continue the COP initiative as a platform to raise awareness on child online safety issues;
  2. that ITU should continue providing assistance and support to the Member States, especially developing countries, in developing and implementing roadmaps for the COP initiative;
  3. that there should be coordination among all relevant ITU groups on the issues related to child protection online.

Terms of Reference

By Resolution 1306 ITU Council established the Council working group on Child Online Protection (WG-CP) with the following terms of reference:


  • Ninth Meeting

    23 January 2015, ITU Headquarters (Room H), Geneva, Switzerland

  • Eighth Meeting
    21 February 2014, ITU Headquarters (Room H), Geneva, Switzerland
  • Seventh Meeting
    9 October 2013, ITU Headquarters (Room H), Geneva, Switzerland