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ITU Accessibility Fund

Resolution 175 instructed ITU to establish a fund to expand ITUimage of a hand on top of the world 's activities in the area of accessible ICTs and to make ITU a more accessible organization. The ITU Accessibility Trust Fund, established in 2012,  is a special trust fund managed by ITU to channel the voluntary contributions of Member States, Sector Members and academia in the promotion of ICT accessibility for persons with disabilities, including age-related disabilities.​

Types of Projects to be Funded

The ITU Accessibility Trust Fund will support the following activities, as defined by Resolution 175 (Guadalajara, 2010):

    • to make information accessible through the use of ICTs to participants with visual, audio or physical disabilities at ITU facilities or in ITU services and programmes;
    • to encourage and promote representation by persons with disabilities in ITU's activities so as to ensure that their technical knowledge and experience are taken into account when developing and progressing ITU's work;
    • to identify, document and disseminate examples of best practices for accessibility in the field of telecommunications/ICTs among ITU Member States and Sector Members;
    • to promote the introduction of services and standards that allow persons with disabilities to make effective use of telecommunication/ICT services in developing countries through the implementation of specific projects on the subject;
    • to raise awareness about the issue of accessibility through ICTs and mainstream telecommunication/ICT accessibility standards;
    • and other activities that shall be contemplated within the mandate established by ITU governing bodies.