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m-Powering Development Initiative



Access to, and use of, ICT services brings innumerable social opportunities and helps to stimulate economic growth of all nations thereby benefiting the daily lives of all citizens. With such powerful technology available in most rural and remote areas, and such unprecedented computing power in the palm of our hands it is imperative that we harness this technology for use in health, education, agriculture, commerce, sport, banking, and in everything that will serve humanity and help us to achieve sustainable development.


The m-Powering Development initiative aims to extend the benefits of mobile technology to all strata of society, in order to build a truly inclusive information society, with special focus on remote rural and underserved areas.

 It is expected that this initiative will add to GDP growth and create employment opportunities through reliable mobile teleconnectivity, provision of affordable services and use of latest technology.

Under m-Powering development, the provision of reliable mobile teleconnectivity will help open new models of development. Improved access to and use of mobile technologies may also boost positive social and economic impact in the areas of  m-education, m-health, m-government, m-banking and m-sport.

This initiative envisages pooling the strengths of governments, international organizations, private sector and the civil society to create a dynamic partnership for the purpose of increasing reliable mobile connectivity.