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ITU-T P Suppl. 23 (02/1998)

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ITU-T coded-speech database
Supplement 23 to the P series of ITU-T Recommendations is a database of coded and source speech material used in the ITU-T 8 kbit/s codec (Recommendation G.729) characterization tests. The purpose of this database is to provide source, pre-processed and processed speech material, and related subjective test plans and scores, for the development of new and revised ITU Recommendations relating to objective voice quality measures. The coded speech database is delivered on three CD-ROMs.
Approval date: 1998-02-27
Approval process:Agreed
Status: In force
Observation:This Supplement includes 3 CD-ROMs containing the ITU-T coded speech database for 8 kbit/s codec tests. Due to the data volume, this Supplement is not downloadable from the ITU website and should be provided from the ITU Sales service. Only the Supplement text is downloadable free of charge for information purposes
Maintenance responsibility: ITU-T Study Group 12
Further details: Patent statement(s)
Associated test signals
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1 P Suppl. 23 (02/1998) In force