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Сектор радиосвязи (МСЭ-R)  
[Sponsorship possibilities at ITU-R Events]

[Sponsorship Opportunities]
[ITU-R events present a unique marketing opportunity targeting ITU-R Membership: Administrations and specialized radio frequency spectrum entities.]

[Sponsorship possibilities outlined below can be considered for non treaty-making ITU-R Sector-organized meetings and events. Please contact brpromo@itu.int for more information.]

[A. Lunch, dinner, reception and coffee breaks]
[This provides an opportunity for participants to refresh and network in between sessions, for the duration of the event. The sponsor (supporter in ITU parlance) is invited to brand this gathering as agreed with some options detailed below. Please contact brpromo@itu.int to discuss bespoke arrangements.]

[B. Giveaways]
[Briefcase, bags, and backpacks (please contact us for full list) with the logo of the sponsor and with or without ITUīs branding of the event are distributed to participants, providing great visibility for sponsors. Giveaways can contain key information to make their presence at the event even more successful.]

[C. Audiovisual, WiFi, and interpretation services]
[Sponsoring audiovisual and information services could be a highly effective way to keep the sponsor in the minds of the many participants at the event and in the press conference rooms.]

[Visibility on the Web]

  • [Sponsorīs recognition on the eventīs page and in the programme.]
[Visibility on Printed Material]
  • [Sponsor's logo on flyers and posters. Special sponsor's terms and conditions, if any, will be taken into account according to the existing ITU rules.]
  • [Sponsor's logo in print advertising of the event, if any.]
  • [Sponsorīs name mentioned in ITU-R e-flash - See example on: http://www.itu.int/ITU-R/information/promotion/e-flash/4/]
[Visibility on Site]
[A. Lunch, dinner, reception and coffee breaks]
  • [Opportunity to distribute sponsor's promotional material and collateral during the event.]
  • [Sponsorship signage and banners (reasonable dimensions) at the social event, dinners, cocktails, and coffee breaks offered.]
  • [Opportunity to distribute giveaways.]
[B. Giveaways]
  • [Distribution of the offered material, also with sponsorīs promo material inside, providing an ideal opportunity for sponsors to distribute their key message to each of these target groups.]
[C. Audiovisual, WiFi, and interpretation services]
  • [Sponsor's signage on the offered equipment (video screens, interpreter's boxes, wifi/internet equipment) for all the duration of the event.]
[D. ITU-R Publications]
  • [Sponsorship for ITU-R Publications i.e. ITU-R Handbooks]


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