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About ITU-R

The mission of the ITU Radiocommunication Sector is, inter alia, to ensure rational, equitable, efficient and economical use of the radio-frequency spectrum by all radiocommunication services, including those using satellite orbits, and to carry out studies and adopt recommendations on radiocommunication matters.
This mission lies within the broader framework of the purposes of ITU, as defined in Article 1 of the ITU Constitution and is, in particular, to "maintain and extend international cooperation among all the Member States of the Union for the improvement and rational use of telecommunications of all kinds".

ITU-R Sector Organization

History of ITU Radiocommunications

Focus on RadiocommunicationSince the Preliminary Wireless Telegraphy Conference in 1903 ITU has held over one hundred radiotelegraph and radiocommunications conferences. Throughout the history of ITU and its involvement with radiocommunications, many landmark decisions have been made at these conferences and hundreds of key documents and publications have been produced.
The History of ITU Portal Radiocommunications Collection will enable you to discover many of the documents and publications that resulted from the work of these conferences, as well as learn how ITU has evolved

Operational Plans

The operational plans, as formulated in the strategic plan as adopted by the Minneapolis Plenipotentiary Conference in Resolution 71, set out the goals to be achieved every year. These goals will be obtained by implementing a number of activities in the Radiocommunication Bureau (BR) and fall into two categories:
They will be used as the basis for the efficient management of the Bureau´s activities.

Performance Reports

Inaugurating a new practice, the performance report for preceding year is now presented in a separate document and no longer included in the operational plan. This report aims at providing the relevant information regarding the implementation of the outputs and activities foreseen in the ITU-R Operational Plan for the year concerned.
The performance report provides the comparison between the realized results and the expected ones as well as the respective key performance indicators. These are specified with each major objective and within each relevant output in this document.