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Event logo: conditions of use

  1. Journalists may only use the Logo in an editorial context: the Logo may not be used as direct leverage for sales and promotions. The Logo may not be used in any way which may imply that the media organization has any "official" status in connection with the Event.

  2. The Logo must be used in its complete form. No part of it, including colour scheme, may be altered or deleted. However, the Logo can be used in either four-colour or black and white.

  3. The Logo may not be used in any way which may imply ITU's endorsement of any product, opinion, or activity. The Logo may not be used in a manner prejudicial or detrimental to the interest of the ITU.

  4. The ITU reserves the right to withdraw its authorization to use the Logo at any time without being bound to communicate the reason to the party concerned, who in turn shall have no right of recourse against the ITU.

  5. Copies of any material produced using the Logo must be sent to the ITU TELECOM Media Relations Service, Place des Nations, CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland.

If you have any questions about using the AFRICA 2008 logo, please contact:

Ms Victoria Knight
Tel.: +41 22 730 5599