Plenipotentiary Conference 1998 -- Minneapolis USA

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In order to perform its work, a Plenipotentiary Conference establishes committees; the structure of the conference is decided by the conference itself at its first plenary meeting. The proposed structure for the Minneapolis Plenipotentiary Conference is:

Chairperson of the Conference:
Ambassador Thomas Siebert (US)

Vice-chairpersons of the Conference:
H.E. Mr Mahamoudou. Ouedraogo (Burkina Faso)
Mr Andres Culagovski (Chile)
Ms Irene Albers (The Netherlands)
Mr Alexander Krupnov (Russia)
Mr Sami El-Basheer, (Saudi Arabia)
Mr Mahidol Chantrangkurn (Thailand)

Committee 1 - Steering Committee

Terms of reference:
To coordinate all matters connected with the smooth execution of work and to plan the order and number of meetings, avoiding overlapping wherever possible in view of the limited number of members of some delegations.

Committee 2 - Credentials Committee

Chairperson: Ms Kathleen Heceta (Philippines)
Vice-Chairperson: Mr Yury Akimov (Belarus)

Terms of reference:
To verify the credentials of delegations.

Committee 3 - Budget Control Committee

Chairperson: Mr Andrei Untila (Moldova)
Vice-Chairperson: Mr Ralph Everett (U.S.)

Terms of reference:
To determine the organization and the facilities available to the delegates, to examine and approve the accounts for expenditure incurred throughout the duration of the Conference and to report to the Plenary Meeting on the estimated total expenditure of the Conference and on the estimated costs entailed by the execution of the decisions of the Conference.

Committee 4 - Editorial Committee

Chairperson: Mr Lucien Bourgeat (France)
Mr Malcolm Johnson (U.K.) and Mr Vincente Rubio Carreton (Spain)

Terms of reference:
To perfect the form of the texts to be included in the Final Acts of the Conference, without altering the sense.

Committee 5 - Strategic Policy and Plans

Chairperson: Mauricio Bossa (Argentina)
Ms Mette Konner (Denmark) and Ms Valerie D’Costa (Singapore)

Terms of reference:
To consider the draft strategic plan included in the report presented by the Chairperson of the Council, other reports and proposals related to the Union's strategic policies and plans and, taking into account relevant parts of the report by the Council Chairperson on the activities of the Union, to adopt all appropriate decisions with respect to the activities of the General Secretariat and the three Sectors and to transmit to Committee 6 matters requiring amendments to the Constitution and Convention.

Committee 6 - Constitution and Convention

Chairperson: Mr Abderrazak Berrada (Morocco)
Vice-Chairpersons: Ms Salma Jalife (Mexico) and Mr Hugh Railton (New Zealand)

Terms of reference:
To examine proposals for amending the Constitution, Convention, Optional Protocol and, taking into account relevant reports and the recommendations of Committees 5 and 7, to recommend all appropriate actions to Plenary.

Committee 7 - Management of the Union

Chairperson: Mr Ulrich Mohr (Germany)
Mr Adolar Mapunda (Tanzania) and Mr Bruce Gracie (Canada)

Terms of reference:
To examine relevant reports and proposals on the general management of the Union, in particular those relating to financial and human resources; to prepare draft financial policies and a draft financial plan for 2000-2003 and to recommend to the Plenary all appropriate decisions related to the management of the Union’s activities; and to transmit to Committee 6 matters requiring amendments to the Constitution and Convention.

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