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Category 10 — AL C7. ICT applications: benefits in all aspects of life — E-health (5 Projects)

Amakomaya” (Mother’s Love)
Yagiten Pvt. LtdNepal (Republic of)

"A mountainous country Nepal has challenging places in terms of increasing access to health information for the pregnant mothers and infant babies. Since last 8 years “Amakomaya” (Mother’s Love) initiative has deployed unique android apps to strengthen t… more »

SHEFAA portal / application
ministry of health and prevention United Arab Emirates

“SHEFAA” to serve the largest segment of patients of all age groups by showcasing treatment services provided by the ministry and other patient-centric services. The new platform will act as the digital communication between patients and service provider… more »

Smart Assistant for Medical Professionals

During a patient’s visit, the clinician inputs a text description of complaints and/or anamnesis of the patient. A Mathematical model, based on neural networks, analyses the input data and as output provides the 3 most likely diagnoses according to the I… more »

Tarassud Platform - Oman
Ministry of HealthOman

Tarassud+ platform is a conglomerate of heterogeneous systems, technologies and channels that generate and process data into useful actions, streamlined workflows, visuals of intervention, and monitoring impacts in response to outbreaks/pandemic. It inte… more »

Saudi Data and AI Authority Saudi Arabia

SDAIA developed Tawakkalna to support government efforts aimed at countering Covid-19 to preserve the health and safety of citizens and residents against the virus. It was developed to facilitate the issuance of movement permits electronically during the… more »