WSIS Forum Special Track on ICTs and Older Persons

Healthy Ageing Innovation Prize

We are pleased to announce that the WSIS Forum Special Track on ICTs and Older Persons will continue to hold the WSIS Healthy Ageing Innovation Prize, focused on ICTs that specifically address the needs of people 60+ to achieve and sustain an active and engaged life as they age. The WSIS Forum 2023 together with the Global Coalition on Aging (GCOA) and other interested stakeholders are calling for submissions to the third edition of WSIS Forum Healthy Ageing Innovation Prize starting from 1 October 2022. The WSIS Healthy Ageing Innovation Prize is an exceptional international recognition of WSIS Stakeholders as leaders for their excellence in supporting innovation that brings sustainable solutions for the ever-increasing global population of older people.

Given the identification and release of the UN/WHO Decade of Healthy Ageing’s Action Areas, we continue to encourage innovators from all sectors to connect their submissions to this seminal global effort. Specifically, to address how their products, services, and platforms support and impact the challenges of disease prevention and management, ongoing care of older people, and enhancing freedom and independence through mobility, access and continuing to work and be active.

All are encouraged to submit ICT projects that they believe should be recognized and promoted, even if they do not hold ownership, however, owners and operators must be identified and consulted. No more than one project from the same entity is allowed to be submitted. Stakeholders are invited to consult the rules for project submission and selection criteria here. These projects will be judged on the basis of the impact that they have had on supporting healthy ageing for Older Persons. All projects must be viable, in operation, and must be verifiable. Prizes cannot be given to projects that are inactive, those that have closed operations or for which we cannot verify. Deadline for submissions: 5 February 2023.

Submissions will be made through the official submission form, with five nominees selected in each of the 5 categories by a panel of international judges. The winner, and finalists, will be announced during the WSIS Forum 2023. The winner and finalist will be offered a cash prize as well as recognition at the WSIS Forum. All valid submissions received before 7 December will also be considered for the WSIS Prizes 2023 global contest which awards best ICT projects advancing Sustainable Development and achieving SDGs.

Phases of the Contest

  • 1 October 2022 – 5 February 2023
    Submission phase

    Deadline for last submission: 23:00 Geneva time

  • 6–13 February 2023
    Selection phase

    Review of submitted projects that will result with ten finalists representing each of the defined categories. Selection will be determined by an Expert Panel.

  • 20 February 2023
    Announcement of the finalists

    Announcement of the finalists and pitching of their ICT solutions to the public during the special WSIS&SDG TalkX session.

  • 13-17 March 2023
    Announcement of the winner

    Announcement of the winner to the public during the WSIS Forum 2023 high-level week.

List of Finalists

Fibricheck WINNER

Transform the way cardiac care is delivered today
FibriCheck offers a fully certified application capable of detecting and managing cardiac arrhythmias (including Atrial Fibrillation) using an app on a smartphone or smartwatch. By placing a finger on a smartphone’s camera for 60 seconds, FibriCheck’s technology produces a real-time, medical-grade analysis of heart rhythms through its medical artificial intelligence software.


Ellie Care

Age Tech platform that holistically cares for senior adults and their families using technology, AI and gamification. With an easy to use APP, both for smartphones and smartwatches, Ellie Care enables the recollection of physical, cognitive, and social well-being information from the senior adult, to promote healthy habits, strengthen ties among them and caregivers, and suggest preventive actions that move towards a more personalized approach to their medicine, working together with families and health professionals.


Systematic E-Health platform from China Mobile

Systematic e-Health Service for Elderly Population
Responding to the Chinese government’s aging policy, China Mobile carries out 5G e-health practice, founding the platform and providing services (including telemedicine, health monitoring and nursing reservation etc) to aging people.


Juno Life

A holistic approach for preparing for healthy and sustainable ageing. Juno Life works to prepare employees who are getting close to retirement to be ready for this major transition. The solution is based on three steps. The first is a retirement readiness assessment that covers the key elements of preparation. Second is an individualized preparation plan to get ready to retire. Third is the transition to our app where users can engage with other retirees from their former workplace or find new friends.


The Elder Series

Fashion show for the seniors
Shining a light on the ageing demography in a respectable celebratory matter while keeping people engaged with storytelling so they spend more time thinking about the message behind the works. Using Ai and Photoshop to re-imagine, shift mind sets, and create aspirational worlds.


Vera – Music Health

Personalised Music Therapy to Improve Dementia Care
AI powered digital music therapy application to reduce negative behaviours and incidences in care for someone living with dementia, while supporting caregiver’s well-being and reducing the overall human and economic costs of dementia care.

United States of America

Mirror Pick and Place

Elderly Upper-limb rehabilitation Using VR Technology
A home-based application where the patients can choose a rehabilitation activity at home without any need of on-site supervision by a medical caregiver.


Caru Home

The CARU smart sensor is a unique smart communication and sensing device that is used in living environments. A room that is not equipped with any kind of technology becomes intelligent within minutes once CARU is installed. CARU is an attentive roommate, a security system or contributes to the process optimization of services.


The Tribe Project

Sustainable social care exploiting the power of AI to connect community
The Tribe mission is to support 1 million people to access care and support through a blended model of support that brings together AI, machine learning, data, volunteering, social action, community engagement, learning, training, charities, social prescribing and more. Tribe enables people to remain at home with the people and things they love.

United Kingdom

Origin Care

Age Friendly Digital Solutions, Improving Independent Living
ACORN, an Age Friendly smart tablet, launched in Nov 2019 and quickly adopted by individuals and organizations is a credible digital solution for digital engagement and communication between families and their older relatives as well as organizations and their members. Comprehensive suite of management, support and health tools for those that care for and about older people.


ADA, Artificial Intelligence Caring for People

Artificial intelligence software to monitor dependent people in their homes providing much more autonomy, respecting intimacy and privacy and ensuring the peace of mind of family members and caregivers. AI command of home automation to facilitate its use for the elderly, creating a comfortable and safe environment. Several modules continuously monitor biomedical data, rest, access to housing in an emergency, and the telemedicine of the future. "Ada’s" eyes are special patented cameras that transform images into numerical data.


Hearts Radiant – Rosita Longevity

Rosita Longevity helps seniors optimize healthy life expectancy by reverting early signs of frailty, and chronic osteoarthritis pain, all leading indicator of dependency, via a mobile App that motivates and guides people with early stage diagnosis and treatments from home.


Ella – Dementia Digital Assistant for in home caregiver

The objective of this project is to validate the reliable use of non-pharmaceutical interventions and approaches for those caring for individuals with cognitive impairments of Alzheimer’s and Dementia related diseases. Results achieved will enable an AI automated tool to be used for skilled and non-skilled caregivers.

United States of America