Future and Emerging Technologies - Quantum Computing


Session 388

11:00–12:45, Friday, 16 June 2017 Room G1, ITU Varembé Thematic Workshop

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Leading ICT nations and industries often gain their competitive advantages by causing market disruption through their ability to understand and act on emerging technology trends. More specifically, their key to success often lies in their capability of understanding ICT revolution almost before it occurs and seize the early opportunities to shape evolving technologies.

For the past few years, many ICT experts have underlined “quantum computing” as one of the key trends that would provide disruption and stimulate innovations within the ICT industry for the coming decades, creating new value streams for customers, industries and societies. Generally speaking, quantum computing is an advanced computing system using so called “quantum bits or qubits” to encode data or information as 0s, 1s or both at the same time. Different from the current model of binary - 0s and 1s - digital electronic computers, it is a (theoretical) model of a super computer based on spins as quantum bits. 

Many ICT experts observe that, despite fluctuations in public awareness, quantum computing has been making steady progress and quantum circuitry might be nearing a point at which it can be scaled up to make more powerful devices. On one hand, some experts are even estimating that the first useful quantum computing might appear a decade from now. On the other hand, however some others are rather cautious to join that opinion because, even after three decades of research on the subject, today’s quantum computers have not yet fulfilled their promised potential.

This workshop aims to better understand quantum computing, how it works, how close we are to the technologies, and how it will impact our knowledge society, by inviting world-leading expert(s) on the subject. It will offer a unique opportunity for all to understand the basics of quantum systems. 


Catalin Marinescu, Head of Corporate Strategy Division, ITU (TBC)



Dr Colin P. Williams, Director of Strategy & Business Development at D-Wave Systems Inc.


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