Remote Participation

The WSIS Process has a multi-stakeholder character. WSIS Stakeholders include governments, civil society, private sector, academia and international organizations from all parts of the world. Today, information and communication technologies (ICTs) provide the opportunity for representation and inclusion of all stakeholders in the WSIS events by way of remote participation. In order to facilitate the participation and ensure the inclusion of all WSIS Stakeholders, remote participation has been designed as an integral feature of the WSIS Forum 2017.

WSIS Stakeholders who wish to participate remotely in any of the sessions, can do so via either the Webcast Service or the Adobe Connect platform. The Webcast Service distributes audio and video to remote participants. The media is streamed so the user does not have to wait for files to download and can access video or audio at any point. The Adobe Connect platform will allow remote participants to follow the meeting by seeing video feed from the conference room, hear what is being discussed in English, see presentations/documents under discussion, and chat with the meeting host and other remote participants. Each session will have 10–15 for questions from remote participants.

How to access

To access the remote participation recordings, simple find and click on the desired session on the Agenda and select the type of Remote Participation recording (Webcast or Adobe Connect).

Technical requirements

  • Computer/laptop connected to the internet
  • Landline phone
  • Good quality webcam and headset
  • Test your connection: here
  • For technical issues: