High-Level Policy Sessions

The WSIS Forum builds upon the outcomes of the UN General Assembly Overall Review of the implementation of the WSIS outcomes (UNGA Resolution 70/125), which recognized the necessity of holding this Forum on an annual basis and called for a close alignment between WSIS and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) processes. The WSIS Forum will therefore serve as a key forum for discussing the role of ICTs as a means of implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals and targets, with due regard to the global mechanism for follow-up and review of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (UNGA Resolution A/70/1).

Policy Statements will be delivered during the High-Level Track (13-14 June 2017) of the WSIS Forum 2017 by high-ranking officials of the WSIS Stakeholder community, representing the Government, Private Sector, Civil Society, Academia and International Organizations. The high-level track will consist of the opening segment, interactive policy dialogues, ministerial round table, and a high-level networking programme. Policy statement sessions will be moderated by high-level track facilitators and will be grouped around different themes identified as important by the WSIS Stakeholders during the open consultation process.

Government, Private Sector, Civil Society, Academia and International Organization are invited to register for a speaking slot for their high-level officials by completing the speaking slot request form below.


The deadline for submitting the completed speaking slot request form is 21 May 2017

Speaking Slot Request Form Confirmed High-Level Speakers

Chairman Elect

H.E. Mr. Jean Philbert Nsengimana

Minister of Youth and ICT

High-Level Track Facilitators

HLTF Photo
Ms. Brenda Aynsley
Chairman IP3 ACS Fellow and Honorary Life Member, CP
International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)
HLTF Photo
Ms Reine Essobmadje
Digital Coalition
HLTF Photo
Ms Jessica Dheere
CO-Founder and CO-Director
Social Media Exchange (SMEX)
HLTF Photo
Ms Gayatri Khandhadai
Project Coordinator
Association for Progressive Communications (APC)
HLTF Photo
Mr. Dr. Jovan Kurbalija
Founding Director
HLTF Photo
Ms. Mehwish Abid Ansari
Programme Assistant at Digital Programme
HLTF Photo
Mr. Sanz de Acedo
International Trademark Association (INTA)
HLTF Photo
Mr. Yuri Grin
Deputy Director General
HLTF Photo
Mr. Md Shahid Uddin Akbar
Bangladesh Institute of ICT in Development (BIID)
HLTF Photo
Ms. Dominique Lazanski
Public Policy Director
GSM Association
HLTF Photo
Mr. Habib Kammoun
Chairperson of the IEEE Tunisia Section & leader in the REGIM-Lab. (Research Groups in Intelligent Machines)
University of Sfax
HLTF Photo
Ms. Maryam Tanwir
Lecturer/Research Fellow
University of Cambridge
HLTF Photo
Ms. Shuchita Thapar
Project Manager Cybersecurity Team
National Law University, Delhi
HLTF Photo
Mr. André Lucas Fernandes
High Level Facilitator on behalf of the Youth SIG / President of the Commission on Technology and Information Law of the Bar Association of Brazil/PE (CDTI-OAB/PE) / Founding member of ISOC's Youth SIG
Lawyer and researcher on Law and Technology at the Federal University of Pernambuco
HLTF Photo
Mr. Justin Caso
Technology Policy and International Affairs Senior Advisor
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
HLTF Photo
Mr. Shernon Osepa
Regional Affairs Manager for Latin America & The Caribbean Bureau
Internet Society (ISOC)

Speaking Slot Request Form

Speaker Information

To bolster gender balance at the forum, we encourage all nominations for women speakers for the high-level segment.

Please note that the policy statement sessions will be moderated by high-level track facilitators and will grouped around different themes identified by the WSIS Stakeholders during the open consultation process and the outcomes of the UN General Assembly Overall Review.

Please find here the submissions from multistakeholders on the High level Track during the open consultation process. It is highly encouraged to refer to these while preparing your contribution.

Social Media

Please provide the full URL for each account. E.g. https://twitter.com/WSISprocess

Contact Person Information

Confirmed High-Level Speakers

Agovaka Photo
H.E. Mr. Ped Peter Shanel Agovaka
Minister , Ministry of Communication and Aviation
Solomon Islands
Aguad Photo
H.E. Mr. Oscar Aguad
Minister , Ministry of Communications
Ahmed Mohamed Osman Photo
H.E. Mr. Ibrahim Ahmed Mohamed Osman
State Minister , Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
Al Jarrah Photo
H.E. Mr. Jamal Al Jarrah
Minister , Ministry of Telecommunications
Al Mansoori Photo
H.E. Mr. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori
Director General , Telecommunication Regulatory Authority
United Arab Emirates
Ali Ibrahim Pantami Photo
Dr. Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami
Director General/CEO , National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)
Arsovska Tomovska Photo
H.E. Ms. Marta Arsovska Tomovska
Minister , Ministry of Information Society and Administration
The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Barros Photo
Ms. Fátima Barros
Chair of ANACOM's Board of Directors , ANACOM
Bilie-By-Nze Photo
H.E. Mr. Alain-Claude Bilie-By-Nze
Ministre d'Etat , Ministère de l'Economie Numérique, de la Communication ,de la Culture et des Arts
Bozhkov Photo
Dr. Veselin Bozhkov
Chairman , Communications Regulation Commission
Cherkezishvili Photo
H.E. Mr. Giorgi Cherkezishvili
Deputy Minister , Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
Cichy Photo
Mr. Marcin Cichy
President , Office of Electronic Communications
Cuevas Teja Photo
Mr. Adolfo Cuevas Teja
Commissioner , Federal Telecommunications Institute
Cwele Photo
H.E. Mr. Siyabonga Cwele
Minister , Ministry of Telecommunications and Postal Services
South Africa
De Sousa Photo
H.E. Mr. Gastão De Sousa
Minister , Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications
Deveaux Photo
H.E. Mr. Cornelius Deveaux
Deputy Minister , Ministry of Information and Communications
Sierra Leone
Faraoun Photo
H.E. Ms. Houda Imane Faraoun
Minister , Ministry of Post and Information & Communication Technologies of Algeria
Fernando Photo
Mr. Kingsly Fernando
Director General , Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Gonzalez Vidal Photo
Mr. Wilfredo Gonzalez Vidal
Vice Minister , Ministry of Communications
Herrera Photo
Mr. Jaime Herrera
Member of the Board , SUTEL, Superintendencia de Telecomunicaciones, órgano regulador de telecomunicaciones
Costa Rica
Hussein Photo
Mr. Bishar Abdirahman Hussein
Director General
Universal Postal Union
Ibombo Photo
H.E. Mr. Léon Juste Ibombo
Ministre , Ministère des Postes et Télécommunications du Congo
Innocent Photo
Mr. Muhizi Bagamba Innocent
Chief Executive Officer , Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA)
Ismailov Photo
H.E. Mr. Rashid Ismailov
Deputy Minister , Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications
Russian Federation
Itaye Photo
Mr. Godfrey Itaye
Director General , Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA)
Itemere Photo
H.E. Mr. Samuel Itemere
Principal Secretary, Broadcasting & Telecommunications , Ministry of Information, Communications & Technology
Johnson Photo
Mr. Malcolm Johnson
Deputy Secretary-General
International Telecommunication Union
Karas Photo
Dr. Monika Karas
President , National Media and Infocommunications Authority
Khan Photo
H.E. Ms. Anusha Rahman Khan
Minister , Ministry of Information Technology & Telecommunication
Kituyi Photo
Mr. Mukisha Kituyi
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
Koné Photo
H.E. Mr. Bruno Nabagné Koné
Minister , Ministry of Communications, Digital Economy and the Post
Côte d'Ivoire
Koprivnikar Photo
H.E. Mr. Boris Koprivnikar
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Administration , Ministry of Public Administration
LA RUE Photo
Mr. Frank LA RUE
Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information
Laafai Photo
H.E. Mr. Monise Laafai
Minister , Ministry of Communications and Transport
Lagunes Photo
Mr. Victor Lagunes
Head , Office of the President
Lee Photo
Mr. Chaesub Lee
Director of the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau
International Telecommunication Union
Leong Photo
Mr. Keng Thai Leong
Deputy Chief Executive , Info-communications Media Development Authority
Lučić Photo
Dr. Dražen Lučić
President of Council , Croatian Regulatory Authority for Network Industries (HAKOM)
Mahmood Photo
Dr. Shahjahan Mahmood
Chairman , Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission
Mandiwanzira Photo
Mr. Supa Collins Mandiwanzira
Minister , Ministry of Information Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services
Marques Photo
H.E. Mr. Pedro Marques
Minister of Planning and Infrastructure , Ministry of Planning and Infrastructure
Measho Photo
H.E. Mr. Dr. Debretsion Gebremichael Measho
Minister , Ministry of Communication and Infomation Technology
Meko Abeme Photo
H.E. Mr. Maximiliano Martin Meko Abeme
Minister , Ministry of Telecommunications and New Technologies
Equatorial Guinea
Metzger Photo
H.E. Mr. Philipp Metzger
Director General , Federal Office of Communications OFCOM
Millogo Photo
Mr. Tontama Charles Millogo
Président , Autorité de Régulation des Communications électroniques et des Postes (ARCEP)
Burkina Faso
Monrou Photo
H.E. Ms. Rafiatou Monrou
Ministre de l'Economie Numerique et de la communication , Government
Mousa Photo
Prof. Allam Mousa
Minister , Ministry of Telecom & Information Technology
State of Palestine
Nsengimana Photo
H.E. Mr. Jean Philbert Nsengimana
Minister , Ministry of Youth and ICT
Ouattara née SANON Photo
H.E. Ms. Hadja Fatimata Ouattara née SANON
Ministre , Ministère du Développement de l'Economie Numérique et des Postes
Burkina Faso
Ouattara/Sanon Photo
H.E. Mrs. Hadja Fatimata Ouattara/Sanon
Ministre , Ministère du Développement de l'Economie numérique et des Postes
Burkina Faso
Palacios Ferreira Photo
Ms. Mirian Teresita Palacios Ferreira
Presidente , Comisión Nacional de Telecomunicaciones (CONATEL)
Pierre Photo
Mr. Christophe Pierre
Directeur , Département de l'Equipement, de l'Environnement et de l'Urbanisme
Rancy Photo
Mr. François Rancy
Director of the Radiocommunication Bureau (BR)
International Telecommunication Union
Reljin Photo
H.E. Ms. Irini Reljin
Assistant Minister for Electronic Communications and Postal Services , Ministry of Commerce, Tourism and Telecommunications
Ryder Photo
Mr. Guy Ryder
International Labour Organization
Sanou Photo
Mr. Brahima Sanou
Director of the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT)
International Telecommunication Union
Sarouma Photo
H.E. Mr. Abdallah Said Sarouma
Vice-Président, Chargé du Ministère , Ministère des Transports, des Postes et Télécommunications, des Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication
Shaykhutdinov Photo
H.E. Mr. Roman Shaykhutdinov
Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Tatarstan - Minister of Information and Communication of the Republic of Tatarstan , Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Tatarstan
Russian Federation
Sinha Photo
H.E. Mr. Manoj Sinha
Minister of State for Communications (Independent Charge) and Minister of State for Railways , Ministry of Communications
Siriruchatapong Photo
H.E. Mr. Pansak Siriruchatapong
Vice Minister , Ministry of Digital Economy and Society
Suárez Peñaloza Photo
Dr. Martha Liliana Suárez Peñaloza
Directora General , Agencia Nacional del Espectro
Suzuki Photo
H.E. Mr. Shigeki Suzuki
Vice Minister for Policy Coordination , Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Szubert Photo
H.E. Mr. Krzysztof Szubert
Secretary of State , Ministry of Digital Affairs
Taalas Photo
Mr. Petteri Taalas
World Meteorological Organization
Tam Photo
H.E. Mr. Phan Tam
Deputy Minister , Ministry Of Information And Communications
Viet Nam
Tsamakis Photo
Prof. Dimitrios Tsamakis
President , Hellenic Telecommunications & Post Commission (EETT)
Vaezi Photo
H.E. Mr. Mahmoud Vaezi
Minister , Ministry of Information & Communication Technology
Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Varanita Photo
Mr. Grigore Varanita
Director , National Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Information Technology (ANRCETI)
Republic of Moldova
Velizadeh Photo
H.E. Mr. Elmir Velizadeh
Deputy Minister , Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies
Vilas Boas de Freitas Photo
Mr. Igor Vilas Boas de Freitas
Comissioner , National Telecommunications Agency - Anatel
Weeks Photo
Ms. Angelique Weeks
Chairperson of the Board of Commissioners , Liberia Telecommunications Authority
Xhixho Photo
Mr. Piro Xhixho
Chairman , Albania Electronic and Postal Communication Authority (AKEP)
Yevdochenko Photo
H.E. Mr. Leonid Yevdochenko
Chairman , State Service of Special Communications and Information Protection
Zhao Photo
Mr. Houlin Zhao
International Telecommunication Union
Zoller Photo
Ms. Julie Zoller
Acting Coordinator for International Communication and Information Policy , U.S. Department of State
United States of America