Session Formats

The WSIS Forum 2013 will offer a diverse range of interactions, including high level dialogues, WSIS Action Line Facilitation meetings, interactive sessions, thematic workshops, country workshops, knowledge exchanges and exhibitions.

High Level Dialogues

high level dialogues logoThe high level dialogues provide a interesting blend of an expert panel and audience interaction on specific topics identified as relevant and crucial within the mandate of the WSIS.

Action Line Facilitators Meeting

alfm logoOn an annual basis the WSIS Action Line Facilitator's meeting provides a platform for all focal points facilitating action lines to report their success stories and challenges. Action line facilitators provide updates and report on the activities carried out by each action line during the year and provide a report on their respective Action Line Facilitation meetings during the WSIS Forum.

Action Line Facilitation Meetings

alfms logoThe Tunis Agenda for the Information Society states that the WSIS implementation mechanism at the international level should be organized taking into account the themes and action lines in the Geneva Plan of Action, and moderated or facilitated by UN agencies when appropriate. It also states that ITU, UNESCO and UNDP should play a leading facilitating role in the implementation of the Geneva Plan of Action.

Each year, during the WSIS Forums held in May, the WSIS Action Line Facilitators:

  • Provide reports on the year's activities on their respective Action Lines

  • Organize Interactive Action Line Facilitation Meetings on their respective Action Lines.

Interactive Sessions

is logoInteractive sessions provide workshop style interaction amongst the participants and the panellists. The panellists provide an introduction to the framework of the session and act as moderators, while the participants are encouraged to drive the session discussion.

Country Workshops

cw logoCountries provide an update and report on implementation of the WSIS Action Lines in their respective countries. This session provides an opportunity for all participants to learn and share their country level experiences on the implementation of the WSIS Action Lines.

Thematic Workshops

tw logoThematic Workshops are interactive sessions based on the requests received from stakeholders during the open consultation process. These workshops are organized and designed by the stakeholders who submit the request.

Knowledge Exchanges

kw logoKnowledge Exchanges capture the component of imeetyouatWSISForum. Through imeetyouatWSISForum participants can schedule informal meetings with each other. These meetings provide a good opportunity for knowledge exchange and partnerships.


exhibitions logoThe Exhibition aims to offer WSIS stakeholders an opportunity to showcase at an international level activities carried out by them in context of the WSIS outcomes. Exhibition stands and the networking atmosphere will make it possible to meet new potential partners and to learn about their flagship initiatives.