Emerging Trends

Identifying Emerging Trends and a vision beyond 2015!

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WSIS Forum 2013 was held from the 13-17th of May in Geneva. WSIS Forum 2013 resulted in a WSIS Forum 2013 Outcome Document Identifying Emerging Trends in the Information Society. Since 2009, the WSIS forum has proven to be a unique platform for multistakeholder brainstorming and consensus on emerging trends in the area of Information Society. With information and communications technologies (ICTs) playing an increasingly instrumental role in the delivery of basic services like education, health and food security, improved connectivity, infrastructure, security and access has become a major development imperative

This booklet captures the emerging trends in the 11 WSIS Action lines, both in terms of policy and technology, discussed by stakeholders during WSIS Forum 2013. The trends identified during the WSIS Forum 2013, provide the WSIS Community with guidance and a vision for the way beyond 2015, WSIS+10, related activities.

This booklet is a byproduct of the WSIS Forum 2013 Outcome Document.

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The 2012 Edition of Identifying Emerging Trends and a vision beyond 2015 booklet is available here.

Draft 1.0, Please note that this document is work in progress, and will be updated and revised by the WSIS Action Line Focal Points, the final version of the Document will be available here.