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 ITU Consultation on Conformance Assessment and Interoperability Testing
 Geneva, Switzerland, 20 - 21 July 2009 Contact:


2008’s World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-08) addressed conformance and interoperability testing issues in discussions which led to the adoption of Resolution 76: Studies related to conformance and interoperability testing, assistance to developing countries, and a possible future ITU mark programme.

The aim is to have ITU-T Study Groups more actively involved in developing test suites in key areas of ICTs and to have TSB assist developing countries increase their capacity to conduct tests. This includes the planning and creation of their own test facilities.

Additionally, the TSB Director is instructed to gather information on the effects of implementation as well as possible mechanisms to do so. This study will form the basis of a report to Council-09.

This Consultation meeting is convened in order to capture the views of all stakeholders.

The objective is to obtain additional information to be considered in the implementation of the “resolves” and the “instructs the Director” sections of Resolution 76, in particular for the preparation of the report to Council-09. The Consultation will:

  • Provide developing countries an opportunity to express their concerns about the lack of conformity and consequently of interoperability in products and services, with any negative effects this has on the quality of service of networks;
  • Consider the effects that Resolution 76 could have on testing activities performed by industry and the associated activities to be put in place in ITU;
  • Illustrate global best practices in terms of conformity assessment, interoperability and certification procedures performed by leading organizations and the role of regulators;
  • Consider the possible implementation of an ITU mark programme as a way to permit industry to show that equipment and services conform to one or more of the ITU-T Recommendations; and
  • Evaluate the likely economic effects on manufacturers and end-users from the application of the conformance and interoperability assessment.

Those wishing to submit contributions to the discussion should send them to tsbworkshops[at] by 11 July 2009.


This Consultation will enable experts from leading organizations on conformity and interoperability assessment to express their views. It is addressed to industry, customers and end-users of ICT products and services, test laboratories, regulators, governments, certification organizations, standard bodies, operators, service providers and representatives of civil society.

Participants will learn how the establishment of a common understanding of conformity assessment will increase the probability of interoperability and how this area is linked to the quality of standards, quality of service and can be beneficial to all the stakeholders.


Information and Documentation
General Information
  • Hosted by: ITU-T
  • Date: 20 - 21 July 2009
  • Venue: ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland (Rue de Varembé)
Practical Information


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