Study Group 12 at a glance

ITU-T Study Group 12 - Performance, QoS and QoE

In the ITU-T, Study Group 12 is the Lead SG on Performance and Quality of Service (QoS), a role that is increasingly important with the advent of commercial VoIP and packet-based next generation networks and terminals.

With customers expecting the QoS of traditional communication services, it is crucial to be able to measure new parameters such as packet loss and jitter, and know their user impact. Thus, recent SG12 achievements include several new and revised standards on the planning and deployment of IP-based networks.

Work highlights

Current SG 12 hot topics include the development of software tools that allow the modeling of potential network/terminal configurations and the prediction of the user impact of associated impairments. A model for voice quality prediction has been developed, while work is in progress for models for wideband speech and multimedia. The SG has also started work in other areas needing QoS guidance, such as hands-free communications in vehicles, and services based on speech technology.


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