ITU Plenipotentiary Conference
Sungate Port Royal Hotel
Antalya, Turkey
6–24 November 2006
No media badge will be issued by the ITU Press Office to journalists whose application does not conform strictly to the established procedure

Applying for media accreditation

Journalists1 who have already accredited for ITU TELECOM WORLD 2006 or are accredited at the United Nations need only complete the boxed section of the Media Accreditation Form (if contact details remain unaltered). Proof of press credentials is not required.

All other Journalists are requested to complete the entire Form and return it with*:

  • a letter of assignment from the Editor-in-Chief (or the News Editor for radio/TV). One letter per crew/editorial team will suffice. Editors-in-Chief and Bureau Chiefs should submit a letter from their Director;

plus, any one of the following documents:

  • a photocopy of their national/international press card valid through to the end of the Event;

  • a photocopy of a recent page of the publication which provides the names of regular editorial staff and contributors and which lists the journalist seeking accreditation.


  • Photo Agencies:
    Return the Media Accreditation Form together with an official letter of assignment from your News Editor plus a copy of your press card.

  • Publications:
    If accompanying a journalist, ensure your name is listed on their media accreditation form and letter of assignment.

  • Freelance:
    Freelance photographers must submit an official letter of assignment from the Editor of the publication for which coverage will be made plus a copy of their press card.

*Credentials (URLs, PDF files, etc.) can be added as an attachment to the form.

Who can submit press credentials?

Media accreditation may be granted only to the editorial staff of publications/news wire services, press photographers and TV/radio crews representing a recognized media organization that is:

  • Newspapers and magazines: available to the general public, published at least 6 times a year by an organization whose principle business activity is publishing, and which generally carries paid advertising;

  • On-line publications: generating a substantial amount of original news content and which belongs to a registered media company with a verifiable non-web address plus telephone number;

  • News wire services: providing news coverage to subscribers, inc. newspapers, periodicals and/or televisions;

  • Broadcast: broadcasting news and information programmes to the general public either through satellite or terrestrial means;

  • Independent film/video production companies can only receive media credentials if officially mandated by a broadcast station by a letter of assignment;

  • Technical staff not part of a broadcast crew, all other non-editorial staff working for a media organization (i.e. management, marketing and advertising executives, etc.), researchers, authors and editors of directories cannot be granted media credentials.

The ITU Press Office must be satisfied that anyone applying for media accreditation, whether through the normal or fast-track procedure, is a professional journalist and represents bona fide media. The ITU Press Office reserves the right to request supplementary documentary evidence to be able to establish the status of applicants. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and the decisions of the ITU Press Office are final.

Pre-event accreditation

It is strongly recommended that you register prior to the event in order to avoid unnecessary delays in receiving your badge or in gaining entry to the premises.

Badge collection

In order to collect your badge, you must present a valid, internationally recognized proof of identity with photo (passport or national identity card) together with your accreditation confirmation letter.


ITU Press Office
International Telecommunication Union
Tel:+41 22 730 6039
Fax:+41 22 730 5933



Where to find the form?

The accreditation form is available on the web at:

1) A journalist is a person whose principal activity or working press experience for the last 6 months has been to provide news and commentary to newspapers, magazines, wire services, broadcast and online media owned by organizations whose principal business is publishing and broadcasting. Freelance journalists are persons who contribute either regularly or occasionally to newspapers and magazines and who meet the requirements for media accreditation. Evidence of coverage must be submitted within the six months following accreditation to maintain eligibility.