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The World Radiocommunication Conference is held from 27 October to 21 November 1997 at the Geneva International Conference Centre. For media accreditation, click here

In the WRC 97 newsroom, you will find background information to assist media in a better understanding of the issues and work to be achieved by the conference.

General Schedule Position papers
This week's schedule Europe’s preparations for WRC 97
Agenda of the Conference Africa prepares itself
Structure of the Conference: substantive committees and their work programme Region 3 and worldwide cooperation in preparation for WRC 97
Backgrounders Preparations for the WRC 97 by CITEL
The main issues of the conference SkyBridge: a broadband access system using a constellation of LEO satellites (Alcatel Espace)
What’s up in space? GMPCS in the foothills of the regulatory mountain (ICO)
Q&A: Making Space in Space Little LEO spectrum allocations: the Final Analysis case (Final Analysis)
How are satellites brought into service? Realizing the potential of non-GSO FSS systems (Teledesic)
Sharing the Spectrum: a matter for international negotiation Stratospheric altitude: the key to delivering broadband wireless local loop service to consumers worldwide (Sky Station)
A new type of global mobile personal communications system Ka band requirements for the geostationary satellite systems (Intelsat)
An overview of the Conference issues by Robert W. Jones, Director, ITU Radiocommunication Bureau Opening address by the Chairman of the Conference, Mr Roger Smith (Australia)
Media releases and press notes Opening remarks by the Secretary-General of the ITU, Dr Pekka Tarjanne
Opening remarks by the Director of the Radiocommunications Bureau, Mr Robert W. Jones

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