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Rapporteur's Group Question details

المسألة 3/1
النفاذ إلى الحوسبة السحابية: تحديات وفرص للبلدان النامية
المسألة 3/1
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Expected output
a) Yearly progress report on the above study items.
b) A progress report midway through the study cycle.
c) A final report for the Question that includes:
Analysis of the factors influencing effective access to support cloud computing.
A set of guidelines, such as policy or technical approaches, among others, for facilitating infrastructure deployment, which could be delivered, inter alia, through training seminars in accordance with the ITU-D programme on Capacity building.
A handbook on infrastructure supporting cloud computing in developing countries. This handbook will be the result of study group collaboration between ITU T Study Group 13 and the rapporteur group dealing with this Question as part of ITU D Study Group 1.
Draft Recommendation(s), as appropriate and if justified.
Output Report
ITU-D Recommendations
Useful Information
Reference Material
Access to collaborative tools (mailing lists, e-forum, etc.)