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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)

Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology is a leading Russian university that trains students in various fields of modern science and technology.
MIPT was set up on September 17, 1951 by Resolution#3517-1635 of the Soviet Cabinet of Ministers on the basis of the Department of Physics and Technology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. The department started working on November 25, 1946. On October 1, 1951, the resolution was approvedby executive order of the Soviet Education Ministry. On November 2, 2009, MIPT was granted the status of National Research University by the Russian government.
MIPT has a very rich history. Its founders included academicians Pyotr Kapitsa, Nikolay Semenov and Sergey Khristianovich. Its first professors were Nobel Prize winners Kapitsa, Semenov and Lev Landau, and its first rector was Ivan Petrov. There are Nobel Prize winners among MIPT’s graduates as well. Many MIPT professors are leading Russian scientists, including over 80 members of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
From the outset, MIPT has used a unique system for training specialists, known as the Phystech System, which combines fundamental science, engineering disciplines and student research.
With a history rich in major events and longstanding traditions, MIPT pays well-deserved attention to its symbols. MIPT has an original emblem, which embodies its devotion to science.
Every 5 years MIPT marks two anniversaries, celebrating the creation of the Department of Physics and Technology at Moscow State University on November 25, 1946 and the creation of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, which took place five years later.

CategoryEducation & Research
Based inRussian Federation
ITU Global DirectoryMoscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)
Dr. Nikolay Kudryavtsev

Born on May 8, 1950 .

Education: From 1967 to 1973 - MIPT student, Department of Molecular and Chemical Physics.
Graduated from MIPT with specialty in the "Physics and Mechanics of Chemical Processes."
In 1977, defended thesis for the Degree of Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences.
In 1987, defended thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences on the problems of thermal protection of the reusable launch Space Shuttle "Buran"

Professional Experience: From 1977 - Assistant in the Department of Molecular Physics.
From 1978 to 1987 - Vice Dean of the Faculty of Molecular and Chemical Physics.
In 1987 - Dean of FMCP.
In 1988 - Head of the Department of Molecular Physics.
In 1990 - Awarded the title of professor. He is a member of the International Informatization Academy.
In 1991 became a founding member of the JSC "Laboratory Impulse Technology" (LIT) at MIPT, created to promote ultraviolet water disinfection systems in the region. Led the development of these systems.
In 1994 was elected to the position of General Director of "Phonon" of the Ministry of Defense Industry, one of the main developers of piezo-technical products in the country. Participated in the organization of the restructuring of the company.
In 1997 was elected Rector of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University).
In 2000 was awarded the title of Laureate of the State Prize of the Russian Federation in the field of science and technology.
Has more than 110 scientific papers, 9 books (co-authored), and 10 patents.
Invited to lecture and research in the USA (1991, 1992, 1993), France (1992, 1993, 1994), and Italy (1994). Has often been invited to original and review lectures at international conferences on shock tube aerothermal chemistry, chemical and gas dynamic lasers.