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International Center for Promotion of Enterprises

The International Center for Promotion of Enterprises (ICPE) is a intergovernmental organization, with its headquarter in Slovenia set up on a United Nations initiative in 1974, with member countries from Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe, mandated to pursue and promote international cooperation in areas related to the transfer of technology, sustainable entrepreneurship and promotion of knowledge-based societal change through research, training, consultancy an information services in these fields.
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Based inSlovenia (Republic of)
ITU Global DirectoryInternational Center for Promotion of Enterprises
Acting Director General     
Dr. Janez Podobnik

Mr. Janez Podobnik graduated in medicine at the University of Ljubljana in 1984 and worked as a physician in the Medical centre of Idrija an old mining town southwest of Ljubljana. In 1990, he ran on local elections as a candidate of DEMOS, the coalition of democratic parties of Slovenia. He won with a very high election result and became the president of the local government in Idrija, a post he performed unprofessionally, since he continued to work as a physician until 1992.

In parliamentary elections of December 92, he was directly elected as a parliamentarian of Slovene People s Party. He also became more active within his political party, where he was elected president of the Program Council.

Since 1992, Janez Podobnik has fully devoted to the work of a professional politician as a parliamentarian that has won a wide cross-party respect for his fairness, outstanding capacity for a tolerant dialogue, for his political consistence, wisdom and honesty. He has devoted his attention to social welfare reforms, to preparing legislation for the disabled population, to issues of democratic reforms in health care, education and other social issues. He has also devoted a lot of attention to democratisation of local governments, chairing the association of Slovene mayors. In 1994 local elections, Janez Podobnik was also elected mayor of Cerkno.

Following November 1996 elections, Janez Podobnik was elected president of Slovene Parliament.  As the President of Slovene parliament, he has also tried to use his moral and political authority to encourage the initiatives of civil society and showed special sensitivity to the important role of a free and independent press for a politically mature and stable democratic society as well as encouraging high moral and ethical standard of politicians in Slovenia.

After the 2000 parliamentary elections, Mr Podobnik became the leader of the parliamentary group of SLS, as well as the vice-president of the parliamentary committee for foreign affairs, member of constitutional committee, member of the committee for culture, sports, youth, science and education and member of the commission for Slovenians abroad. Until 2004, he was also a Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe. Between 2002-2004, he was an Observer in the European Parliament for the Republic of Slovenia, and in 2004, a member of the European Parliament, where he actively participated in the committee for regional politics, transport and tourism.

After 2004 parliamentary elections, Mr Podobnik became a Minister for Environment and Spatial planning in the Government of the Republic of Slovenia, his mandate lasted for full term of four years, and in the first half of 2008 he was nominated a President of the European Council of European environment ministers during Slovenia's presidency of the European Council.

In April 2009 he was nominated Director of the ECPD International Institute for Sustainable Development, Urban Planning and Environmental Studies in Ljubljana, where he is up to this date involved with many important regional and international projects on sustainable development and environment.

In September 2011 Mr Podobnik was invited to the Advisory Board of International Center for Promotion of Enterprises-ICPE, where he was appointed chairman of the Advisory Board and in January 2012 he was appointed by DG of ICPE to the post of a Special Adviser to DG. In March 2012 Mr Podobnik was nominated to the post of Acting Director General of ICPE with a mandate until June 2013.