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Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Lebanon is an independent public institution established by Law 431/2002 and legally mandated to liberalize, regulate, and develop telecommunications in Lebanon. The TRA effectively started operations upon the nomination of its Board Members in February 2007.

With the help of a highly dedicated team and in coordination with various ministries, government agencies, and the civil society, the TRA has been able to make significant progress towards assuming its mandate and develop the telecommunications market in Lebanon in cooperation with the Ministry of Telecommunications.

The TRA deploys continuous efforts to develop best in class Lebanese regulatory framework. Through appropriate regulation, the TRA promotes investment and maintains stability in the market. The TRA issues licenses, regulations, and decisions, manages scarce resources including spectrum and numbering, monitors the market for any abuse of dominant market position and anti-competitive practices, and takes remedial action when necessary. The TRA works to promote competition and ensure the rights of users of telecommunications services are respected and works towards developing the broadcasting sector by implementing the national plan for the migration to digital broadcasting in Lebanon.

The TRA deploys major efforts to promote Cyber security and children online safety and is working with related Ministries, NGOs Agencies, and other Stakeholders to promote road safety in Lebanon.

Based inLebanon
DomainsSatellite ; Broadcast ; Mobile ; Fixed ; Cable ; Telephone ; Broadband
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Secretary of the Board     
Mr. Amine Moukheiber