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SAMENA Telecommunications Council

SAMENA Telecommunications Council is a tri-regional, not for profit telecommunications association that operates within the South Asia – Middle East – North Africa (SAMENA) region. The council is the only operator-driven, collaborative consortium in the SAMENA region designed to voice concerns of terrestrial (fixed and mobile) as well as satellite operators to regulators, and to channelize traditional gaps between operators and regulators in a non-confrontational manner. SAMENA’s membership comprises and remains open to telecoms operators, manufacturers, telecoms regulatory authorities, investors, legal firms, and academia from within the SAMENA region and beyond. SAMENA is on its way to becoming a leading tri-regional promoter of collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the telecoms industry.

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Based inUnited Arab Emirates
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Bocar A. BA

A noted management and technology consultant, Bocar A. BA is the CEO of SAMENA Telecommunications Council, and is responsible for leading the management of all the Council's meetings and continuing its research efforts and intellectual property of all telecom institutions in South Asia, Middle East and North Africa Region with collective efforts from all members and committees, helping operators address issues and opportunities in the telecommunications industry in the region. Specifically, Bocar is in-charge of driving objectives of the Council and implementing the vision throughout the telecommunications industry, thereby directing the advocacy efforts. His role also includes identifying telecom operator issues and building consensus with policy makers to affect policies changes at the regional level and overseeing the Council’s growth. Bocar also serves as a director and board member of several companies in Technology and Management & Consultancy Services and is driving the awareness of the value of technology in everyday life across the region.