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West Africa Telecommunications Regulators Assembly

The West Africa Telecommunication Regulators Assembly (WATRA) was established in November 2004. Its current membership is fifteen (15) countries with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. WATRA consists of independent National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs) and departments for regulation of Telecommunications services established by governments of member states in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) sub-region and Mauritania.

WATRA comprises of there (3) institutions namely: The Conference of Regulator, The Executive Committee and The Secretariat. The Secretariat is the Administrative organ of WATRA.

Emerging and current trends in technology development in the telecommunications industry typified by convergence and the rapid development of digital technology have continued to call for innovative and pragmatic regulatory models, a departure from traditional regulations.

WATRA was born out of the need to address present realities in the telecommunications industry in the sub-region while focusing on the need for West Africa to evolve a harmonised regulatory identity to boost investment and investor-confidence and to more effectively regulate and monitor telecommunications service.

CategoryInternational Organisations
Based inNigeria (Federal Republic of)
ITU Global DirectoryWest Africa Telecommunications Regulators Assembly
Executive Secretary     
Mr. Laminou Elhadji-Maman

With more than twenty years of experience within telecoms & ICT sector, ELHADJI MAMAN Laminou, has a very good knowledge of this sector and its evolution. After working for government telecommunications organizations for fixed and mobile network, regulation, he moved to serve sub regional organizations since 2002 working for the development of ICT services and infrastructure. He worked actively for the development of telecommunications infrastructure and services in the sub region conducting several studies for the implementation of network including mobile, fixed, in Africa.

ELH MAMAN Laminou is now the Executive Secretary of the West Africa Telecommunications Regulators Assembly (WATRA), an organization of 15 independent National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), working for the development and harmonization of regulations for ICT service delivery and pricing in countries in the sub-region. WATRA is working to promote the establishment of efficient, adequate, and cost-effective ICT infrastructure and services in the West African to meet the diverse needs of customers at affordable price everywhere in West Africa including rural and under profitable areas.