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MTN Sudan

Since 2005, MTN has been operating in Sudan connecting people and integrating societies. MTN Sudan has over 3 million subscribers and its network coves all of Sudan and provides all the 2G and 3G services. MTN-Sudan is currently market valued as a 650 million dollars investment and Larrycom for Investment owns 15% of it. In 2002 Larrycom for Investment won the license of the second GSM operator in Sudan jointly with a Yemeni business group. In October 2004, Investcome group acquired 85% of the shares in the company owing the license so as to operate it as "Areeba" their well-known brand at that time. Areeba went commercially alive in July 2006. One year later, Investcom Group sold all its operations to MTN Group, a multinational telecommunications group with 21 operations and over 40 million subscribers. The group started in South Africa and became the strongest African operator.

Based inSudan (Republic of the)
DomainsMobile ; Telephone
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Chief Executive Officer    
Mohamed Ziaullah Siddiqui