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Arab Business Forum for Information and Communication Technology

The Arab Business Forum for Information and Communications Technology (ABFICT) was established in January 2002 when over 80 Arab CEOs and businessmen came together to reaffirm their strong belief in the necessity of Arab cooperation in the field of Communications and Information Technology. Guided by the resolutions of the Arab Summit held earlier in Amman, the Arab CEOs and businessmen launched ABFICT on 2002. The meetings of ABFICT coincided with major events that took place in the Arab region within 2003 and 2004. The first took place in January 2003 during Cairo ICT and was attended by key figures within the ICT sector and discussed crucial issues to the region. The second forum was held during ITU Telecom Africa. About five ICT ministers participated.

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Based inEgypt (Arab Republic of)
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Executive Director    
Mohamed Abdel Wahab