Committed to connecting the world

World University of Bangladesh (Bangladesh)
Mascom Wireless Botswana (Pty) Ltd.
J.S.C Silknet [ROA] (Georgia)
The University of Tokyo (Japan)
Chongqing University (China)
Vodacom SA (Pty) Limited
Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations [REGORG] (International (no specific country))
Internet Systems Consortium (International)
Hitachi, Ltd.
Bahamas Telecommunications Company (Bahamas)
4G Americas
International Telecommunications Users Group [REGINTORG] (International (no specific country))
Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (India)
Zhejiang University (China)
Türk Telekom Group (Turkey)
Algérie Télécom SPA
Nuix Technology UK Limited (United Kingdom)
Millicom (United Kingdom)
Consumers International (International)
Société des Télécommunications du Tchad (SOTEL TCHAD)
O2 Czech Republic (Czech Rep.)
DAISY Consortium [REGINTORG] ()
Sudanese Mobile Telephone Company, Zain (Sudan)
Global Knowledge Partnership Foundation (International)
Association for Progressive Communications (International)
Bharti Airtel Limited
Universitaria Agustiniana (Colombia)
International Telecommunication Academy
University of Groningen (Netherlands)



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