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ArmenTel CJSC Armenia Telephone Company

ArmenTel company is part of Vimpelkom group of companies that unites telecom operators in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan,Uzbekistan, Georgia, Armenia, Vietnam and Cambodia, offering their voice and data transmission services under Beeline brand. Vimpelkom group is the first Russian company to be listed on New York Stock Exchange. ArmenTel is the biggest and oldest telecommunications operator in Armenia. The company offers mobile telephony services of SM 900/1800 and 3G (UMTS) standard, landline telephone connections, as well as broadband internet services through most modern technologies, CDMA and ADSL, all over Armenia. In 2008 “ArmenTel” launched the first 3G network in Armenia that significantly improved the data transmission speed as well as the connection quality.

Based inArmenia (Republic of)
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Andrey Pyatakhin
Andrey Pyatakhin was born in Lipetsk on 5 September 1975. In 1997 he graduated from Lipetsk State Technical University, and in 2006 –defended Candidate of Sciences dissertation. In 2007 Pyatakhin received MBA in  Management at American University of Business Administration. 
He started his professional activity in 1996 as a specialist at Marketing department, 4 years later he was appointed as a deputy chief of Lipetsk branch of Sotel cellular network.  Mr. Pyatakhin was hired by VimpleCom in 2001 as a commercial director of Lipetsk affiliate, in 2004—a commercial director of the Urals region. 
In 2005 he got the highest award of the company- “Brilliant bee.” From 2006 to the merge of VimpelCom and Golden Telecom, he was in charge of corporate sales in the Moscow region, and later- on the general corporate level. Later he was appointed as a director of corporate business development in the regions of Russia. In 2009 he became CEO of Beeline subsidiary in  Georgia, and on 15 December 2011—vice president and regional director of the Moscow region.