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Eritrea Telecommunication Services Corporation (EriTel)



Eritrea Telecommunication Services Corporation (EriTel)

Eritrea Telecommunication Services Corporation (EriTel)(formerly the Telecommunications Service of Eritrea), more commonly known as EriTel, located at the center of Asmara, is the sole operator of land line telephone communication infrastructure in Eritrea. It is also the sole operator of the mobile telephone service, however, it is but one of several internet service providers in Eritrea. The company provides the service in Internet through dialup, wireless and lease line as well as VSAT services It also provides web designing and hosting services to public, business and Individual.

CategoriesOperators ; Service Providers
Based inEritrea
DomainsMobile ; Fixed ; Telephone ; Internet
ITU Global DirectoryEritrea Telecommunication Services Corporation (EriTel)
Chief Executive Officer    
Mr. Tesfaselassie Berhane

The CEO of EriTel is an official born 17/02/1947 with a work experience in management level in different organizations for over 30 years.  He specializes in finance  and business administration; however was also in IBM on his young age ( after getting the first degree) as a systems designer and computer programmer. Also immediately, after working for three and half years in IBM went on management task and worked for over 30 years in different important  government management posts.  He is CEO/General Manager of the Eritrea Telecommunication Services Corporation  since  October 12/2003.