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European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations

The European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations - CEPT - was established in 1959 by 19 countries, which expanded to 26 during its first ten years. Original members were the monopoly-holding postal and telecommunications administrations. CEPT's activities included co-operation on commercial, operational, regulatory and technical standardization issues. Today 48 countries are members of CEPT. The work of CEPT is conducted by three autonomous business Committees: The Electronic Communications Committee (ECC), The European Committee for Postal Regulation (CERP) and The Committee for ITU Policy (Com-ITU)

CategoryInternational Organisations
Based inDenmark
DomainsSatellite ; Broadcast ; Mobile ; Fixed ; Cable ; Telephone ; Broadband ; Internet ; Spectrum management
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Eric Fournier

Mr. Fournier, previous of being appointed as Chairman of the ECC, the expert group within CEPT responsible for harmonising the efficient use of the radio spectrum across Europe, was Director for Spectrum Planning and International Affairs in the Agence Nationale des Fréquences (ANFR), the French public agency in charge of spectrum management, where he has worked since 1997. He has also held various senior positions within CEPT, as Chairman of the CEPT Conference Preparatory Group for the World Radiocommunications Conference in 2012 (CPG-12) and Chairman of the ECC Working Group Spectrum Engineering. He has an engineering degree from Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (SUPELEC).

 Ulrich Dammann
Ulrich Dammann, co-president of CEPT, a European intergovernmental organization and restricted union of the UPU.