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2015 World Radiocommunication Conference opens

Treaty-making Conference to allocate spectrum for rapidly evolving ICTs

Geneva, 2 November 2015 – The World Radiocommunication Conference, the international treaty-making Conference, opened in Geneva today. In session from 2 to 27 November, the Conference will review the international regulatory framework for radiocommunications – the Radio Regulations – and revise them as needed. This process will take into account the rapid evolution of information and communication technologies (ICT), ensuring the global management of the radio-frequency spectrum and satellite orbits, and enabling people to live and travel safely while enjoying high performance radiocommunications.

Mr Festus Yusufu Narai Daudu of Nigeria was appointed Chairman of the World Radiocommunication Conference along with six Vice Chairmen: Mr A. Jamieson (New Zealand), Mr Y. Al-Bulushi (Oman), Mr D. Obam (Kenya), Ms D. Tomimura (Brazil), Mr A. Kühn (Germany), and Mr N. Nikiforov (Russian Federation).

Over 3000 participants, representing more than 160 out of ITU’s 193 Member States are expected to attend the 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference (WRC-15). About 100 observers from among ITU’s 700 private sector members along with international organizations will also attend the conference.

“The 2015 World Radiocommunication Conference will define new and better ways to regulate radio services and applications,” said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao. “In a world where radiocommunications play an increasingly important role in connecting people, I am convinced that the outcome of the conference will contribute towards making the world a better place for all.”

“With the relentless expansion of wireless services worldwide, all services relying on radio waves are competing for a share of the radio-frequency spectrum to support new applications, growing user numbers and exploding traffic,” said François Rancy, Director of ITU’s Radiocommunication Bureau. “The deliberations at WRC-15 and its outcomes will ensure that we can maintain a stable, predictable and universally applied regulatory environment that secures long-term investments for a multi-trillion dollar industry.”

WRC-15 will address a number of key issues, in particular:

  • Mobile broadband communications: Provision of additional frequencies to meet the rapidly growing demand for mobile broadband communications.
  • Emergency communications and disaster relief: Allocation of frequencies for advanced public protection and disaster relief.
  • Monitoring the environment and climate change: New allocations for earth-exploration satellite services with higher resolution radar imagery for improved global environmental monitoring.
  • Unmanned aircraft and wireless avionics systems: Spectrum for the aeronautical sector, related to the use of unmanned aircraft systems, and wireless avionics intra-communications to allow for the heavy and expensive wiring used in aircraft to be replaced by wireless systems.
  • Global flight tracking for civil aviation: WRC-15 will consider allocating spectrum for global flight tracking for improved safety.
  • Enhanced maritime communications systems: Maritime communications, facilitating the use of on-board digital transmissions and automatic identification system on vessels for improved navigation safety.
  • Road Safety: Allocation of frequencies for short range, high-resolution radars for collision avoidance systems in vehicles for increased road safety.
  • Operation of satellite systems: Allocation of spectrum for broadband satellite systems; providing for earth stations on-board moving platforms, such as ships and aircraft; and improving coordination procedures to make more efficient use of spectrum and satellite orbits.
  • Universal Time: examining the feasibility of achieving a continuous reference time-scale, by modifying Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

Media Information:

- The World Radiocommunication Conference will be held 2-27 November at the International Convention Centre Geneva (CICG).

- Accreditation information is available in the WRC-15 Newsroom.

- UN Press accreditation is valid.

- Photo badges will be provided at Registration desks at the ITU Montbrillant Building on rue Varembé.

- Access to the meeting rooms will be restricted, subject to decisions of WRC-15.

- Media accreditation enquiries: pressreg@itu.int

For more information, please see www.itu.int/en/newsroom/wrc15/Pages/default.aspx or contact:

Sanjay Acharya
Chief, Media Relations and Public Information
tel +41 22 730 5046
tel +41 79 249 4861
tel sanjay.acharya@itu.int
Grace Petrin
Communication Officer
ITU Radiocommunication Bureau
tel +41 22 730 5810
tel +41 79 599 1428
tel brpromo@itu.int  


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