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World Summit on the Information Society Prize 2015 Winners

18 winners from around the world recognized for their part
in building inclusive information society

Geneva, 26 May 2015 – ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao this morning announced the 18 winners of the WSIS Prizes 2015 at the WSIS High-Level Opening Segment, which was held at the headquarters of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva.

The WSIS Prizes 2015 contest provides a platform to identify and showcase success stories across the 11 WSIS Action Lines defined in the Geneva Plan of Action.

In line with the inclusive, multistakeholder character of the WSIS event, the prizes recognize the outstanding achievements of a wide range of organizations in strengthening implementation of the vision and targets set by the World Summit on the Information Society in 2003 (Phase 1) and 2005 (Phase 2).

“The WSIS Project Prizes provide an international platform to identify and showcase the successful initiatives and best practices that could be easily replicated by other countries and organizations, to further drive momentum around ICTs as a catalyst for socio-economic development,” said ITU Secretary-General Houlin Zhao.

This year’s WSIS Project Prize winners include government departments, international organizations, private sector companies, NGOs and academia. More than 300 projects were nominated for the 2015 contest, more than twice the number of nominations in 2014, reflecting the prestigious nature of the award and the growing importance of ICTs in national development strategies.

The awards are conferred through online voting involving over 100,000 stakeholders from around the world.

This year’s 18 winners are:

  • Action Line C1 The role of government and all stakeholders in the promotion of ICTs for development
    Winner: Young Innovations, Nepal

  • Action Line C2 Information and communication infrastructure
    Winner: Ministry of Communications and Transportation, Mexico

  • Action Line C3 Access to information and knowledge
    Winner: Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh

  • Action Line C4 Capacity building
    Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, United Arab Emirates

  • Action Line C5 Building confidence & security in the use of ICTs
    Winner: Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico (RSE), Italy

  • Action Line C6 Enabling environment
    Winner:  Ministry of Finance, Kazakhstan

  • Action Line C7 E-government
    Winner: Majmaah University, Saudi Arabia

  • Action Line C7 E-business
    Winner: Ministry of Economy and Finance, Uruguay

  • Action Line C7 E-learning
    Winner: Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, India

  • Action Line C7 E-health
    Winner: FHI 360, United States of America

  • Action Line C7 E-employment
    Winner: Ministry of Manpower, Oman

  • Action Line C7 E-environment
    Winner: Central Agency for Information Technology, Kuwait

  • Action Line C7 E-agriculture
    Winner: Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation, Netherlands

  • Action Line C7 E-science
    Winner: Iran University of Science and Technology, Iran

  • Action Line C8 Cultural diversity & identity, linguistic diversity
    Winner:  South-West University ‘Neofit Rilski’, Bulgaria

  • Action Line C9 Media
    Winner: Radio Farm International, Canada

  • Action Line C10 Ethical dimensions of the Information Society
    Winner: Rwanda Media Commission, Rwanda

  • Action Line C11 International & regional cooperation
    Winner: Economic Commission for Latin America & the Caribbean

Detailed descriptions of winning projects are available here.


WSIS Project Prizes is an international contest developed in response to requests from WSIS stakeholders to create an effective mechanism to evaluate and recognize individuals, governments, civil society, local, regional and international agencies, research institutions and private sector companies for outstanding success in implementing development-oriented strategies that leverage the power of ICTs. The WSIS Project Prizes contest is an integral part of the WSIS stocktaking process (www.wsis.org/stocktaking). The contest was held for the first time in 2012, and rapidly gained attention and popularity within the ICT for Development (ICT4D) community.

Video interviews and photos of winners along with live and archived event webcasts and transcripts of speeches can be found at http://groups.itu.int/stocktaking/WSISProjectPrizes.aspx#home or on the main event website at www.wsis.org/forum.

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