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ITU notes explosive growth of short-range radio devices

Workshop to facilitate harmonization for short range devices (SRDs) and
Ultra Wide Band (UWB)

Geneva, 22 May 2014 - ITU experts and membership along with other organizations have been studying the harmonization of spectrum usage to facilitate maximum gain and efficiency of short range devices (SRDs) for global adoption. This is imperative in order to accommodate the explosive growth and cross border proliferation of SRDs as well as Ultra Wide Band (UWB), which can allow very high data throughput for communications, high-resolution location and imaging devices. Recent studies may provide opportunities for additional global or regional harmonization to support and encourage long-term spectrum tenure for the implementation of the newest technologies and result in increased business case sustainability.


ITU Workshop on ‘Short-range Radio Devices and Ultra Wide Band’


3 June 2104, 11:00 - 18:00


ITU Popov Hall (ITU Tower Building)


To identify areas of spectrum that can be globally or regionally harmonized to facilitate the global adoption of SRD applications and their related technologies, including UWB. The workshop may also help identify activities which can lead to the inclusion of additional frequency opportunities for SRDs in Recommendation ITU-R SM.1896 on global and regional harmonization of SRDs.

Resolution ITU-R 54-1 on studies to achieve harmonization for SRDs invites ITU-R membership, administrations and regional organizations as well as standardization, scientific and industrial organizations to participate actively in these studies with a view to take necessary action in relation with the administrations’ national regulations for SRDs. 


Mr Sergey Pastukh, Chairman of ITU-R Study Group 1 on Spectrum Management, along with radiocommunication experts from ITU-R membership and worldwide industry.

The workshop programme is online. 

Note for Media

Remote webcast participation available here

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