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Broadband Commission Open Letter to UNSG’s Panel of Eminent Persons

Geneva, 5 April 2013 - Today, United Nations agencies and their worldwide partners will observe the 1000-day mark until 2015, the due date for delivery of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The UN Broadband Commission for Digital Development through its Broadband Commissioners is publishing an Open Letter to the United Nations Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon’s Panel of Eminent Persons, the high-level body of leaders from the public and private sectors, tasked with brainstorming ideas for a post-2015 development agenda.

“We call on the members of the UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel to recognize the power and promise of broadband applications and services to expand people’s horizons and opportunities, enhance their freedom of expression and civic participation, better share their culture and hence foster understanding, enable people to engage freely in self-expression and the exchange of ideas, and sow the seeds of genuine learning, as well as quality education for all.”

“That is why, in particular, any set of measurable goals and targets agreed upon as part of the post-2015 development agenda should explicitly include broadband.”

In his video address to mark the 1000-day countdown to the MDGs, Mr Ban noted the progress in what he termed “the most successful global anti-poverty push in history”. World poverty has halved, child mortality is dropping and more girls are now in school than ever before. But the challenges are on-going, and Mr Ban called for 1000% effort in the final push towards 2015.

Join the conversation at #MDGmomentum and help by tweeting photos that illustrate the impact that broadband and ICTs have on the MDGs and for communities around the world. Also, don’t forget to vote for phone and internet access in the UN’s My World survey.

View the full text of the Broadband Commission Open Letter to the High-Level Panel – here.

Learn more about the Broadband Commission and join the conversation via Facebook and Twitter.

Download MDG posters and infographics and watch UNSG Ban Ki-moon’s 1000 day countdown address – here.

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