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Why are young women deserting technology?

High-level panel debate to commemorate the 100th anniversary of
International Women’s Day

Geneva, 22 February 2011 – What’s behind the sharp downwards trend in young women opting to study information and communication technology? ICT qualifications offer good job prospects and higher-than-average remuneration. Yet in the US, for example, the proportion of girls studying ICT courses has dropped from a mid-‘80s high of 37% to just 29% today – and falling.

Many European economies are now predicting a crisis in the number of trained IT professionals within the next 10-15 years. What is putting girls off technology? And why are some countries – particularly in the Asian region – succeeding in attracting female IT students? What are they doing differently – and getting right?

With a panel comprising Ministers, top educators, industry experts, media and young students, this debate will look at how ICTs are taught in schools and universities, how girls perceive careers in technology – and what is informing their life choices. What are the cultural and economic barriers – and how might we encourage more girls into the technology field?



High-level debate on girls in information and communication technology



Thursday, 10 March, 12:30 - 14:00



Room C, 2nd basement level, ITU headquarters, Geneva (please enter via ITU Tower entrance). The event will be audiocast at: www.itu.int/ibs/sg/20110310WomenDay/index.phtml




Special event to commemorate 100 years of International Women’s Day



Full list of panellists available at www.itu.int/en/womensday


Light refreshments for panellists and media
will be offered after the event

NB: RSVP by 8 March is essential to attend this event.

Please email pressreg@itu.int to confirm your attendance.

For more information, please contact:

Sarah Parkes
Chief, Media Relations and Public Information
tel +41 22 730 6135
mobile +41 79 599 1439
email sarah.parkes@itu.int

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