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IPTV standards Interop demo and showcase

Manufacturers offered test bed and opportunity to showcase interoperability

Geneva, 23 March 2010

What: ITU-T Interop: Event on IPTV
When: 20-23 July 2010
Where: ITU, Geneva, Switzerland

Internet Protocol Television, or IPTV, is a major business opportunity for telcos, content providers and existing broadcasters.

ITU’s IPTV standards are being incorporated in product offerings from vendors and service providers around the world. The standards (ITU-T Recommendations) cover a wide range of topics including interactive services, content location, terminal specifications, metadata and QoS.

ITU’s IPTV Global Standards Initiative has created standards that will encourage innovation, mask the complexity of services, guarantee QoS, ensure interoperability and ultimately help players remain competitive.

Testing will take place 20-21 July, with vendors showcasing interoperability to potential customers (broadcasters and content and service providers) 22-23 July.


Manufacturers of set top boxes, content servers and other equipment are invited to showcase their products and to test for interoperability.



For further information, please see:www.itu.int/interop/ or contact:

Sarah Parkes
ITU Media Relations
tel +41 22 730 6135
tel pressinfo@itu.int
Toby Johnson
Senior Communications Officer, ITU
tel +41 22 730 5877
tel +41 79 249 4868
tel toby.johnson@itu.int


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