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WSIS Action Line Roadmaps

In line with its mandate and the WSIS outcome documents, the ITU continues to play a key role in the WSIS implementation and follow-up process in particular, as the WSIS Action Lines Sole Facilitator for AL C2 (Information and Communication Infrastructure), AL C5 (Building Confidence and Security in the Use of ICTs), and AL C6 (Enabling Environment). With the aim of strengthening the implementation mechanism, ITU Council 2009 agreed on the framework for roadmaps of ITU’s activities in its role as the sole facilitator for the above mentioned WSIS action lines in the implementation of WSIS up to 2015. Roadmaps are detailed plans to guide progress towards achieving the WSIS goals. They provide a broad vision and detailed overview of the activities planned within the mandate of the Union. Direct links between the activities and the strategic goals and relevant resolutions, programmes and initiatives of the ITU are highlighted. The roadmaps include timeframes, expected results, impact on ITU’s human and financial resources as well as list relevant partners.

Elaborated framework may serve as a template for the other WSIS Action Line moderators/facilitators to strengthen the implementation mechanism of the WSIS process.

It has been widely disseminated amongst the members of the United Nations Group on the Information Society (UNGIS) as well as WSIS stakeholders. 

The roadmaps are living documents that will be updated regularly in an ongoing process, based on clear objectives and measurable targets. Plenipotentiary Conference (Res. 140) has noted 2010 WSIS Action Line Roadmaps.  2011 Updates for Action Line C2 and C6 have been prepared on the occasion of TDAG. 2011 Update for Action Line C5 will be made available shortly.

ITU's Role in the WSIS Implementation and Follow-up 

In line with its mandate and the WSIS outcome documents, the ITU continues playing key role in WSIS implementation and follow-up, including:

ITU in the WSIS Outcome Documents  
  • WSIS Outcomes

  • Provisions of the WSIS output documents related to ITU

  • Some of the main ITU roles reflected in the TAIS:

    • § 27 and 50 c ii of TAIS - encouraging ITU to continue to study the question of international Internet connectivity (IIC) as an urgent matter to develop appropriate Recommendation

    • § 72 c of TAIS (in relation to IGF) to interface with appropriate intergovernmental organizations and other institutions on matters under their purview. 

    • § 78 of TAIS – The UN Secretary-General should also draw upon any appropriate resources from all interested stakeholders, including the proven expertise of ITU, as demonstrated during the WSIS process.

    • § 96 of TAIS - ITU and other regional organizations should take steps to ensure rational, efficient and economic use of, and equitable access to, the radio-frequency spectrum by all countries, based on relevant international agreements

    • § 98 of TAIS – encouraging partnerships such as the ITU-led "Connect the World" initiative

    • § 103 of TAIS – initiating establishment of the United Nations Group in Information Society (UNGIS) with consideration of the ITU, UNESCO and UNDP as lead agencies of this group  

    • § 109 of TAIS - ITU, UNESCO, UNDP to play lead facilitating roles for the implementation of the Geneva Plan of Action.

    • § 112 to § 115 of TAIS – calling for periodic evaluation using appropriate indicators and benchmarking to track global progress; developing ICT indicators, measuring the digital divide; efforts by the Partnership on Measuring ICT for Development; ICT Indices which will build upon the common set of core ICT indicators as they were defined within the Partnership on Measuring the ICT for Development

    • § 120 of TAIS - encouraging all stakeholders to submit entries to the WSIS Stocktaking database maintained by ITU

    • Annex of TAIS – Action Line Moderators/Facilitators

Latest from WSIS Implementation Process

2011 Update of the WSIS Action Line C2 Roadmap

2011 Update of the WSIS Action Line C6 Roadmap


2011 ITU Contribution to the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes
(November 2010 - May 2011)

2010 WSIS Action Line Roadmaps

News from the ITU CSD Newslog on World Summit on the Information Society  

ITU Decisions Relevant to WSIS Outcomes 

Plenipotentiary Conference

Resolution 140 Pdf icon (Plenipotentiary 2010) ITU's role in implementing the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society


Resolution 172 Pdf icon
(Plenipotentiary 2010) Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes  


Resolution 101 Pdf icon (Plenipotentiary 2010) Internet Protocol-based networks


Resolution 102 Word icon (Plenipotentiary 2010) ITU’s role with regard to international public policy issues pertaining to the Internet and the management of Internet resources, including domain names and addresses 


World Telecommunication Development Conference

Resolution 30 Pdf icon (WTDC-10) Role of the ITU Telecommunication Development Sector in implementing the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society


World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly


Resolution 75 Word icon (WTSA 2008) ITU-T’s contribution in implementing the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society, and the establishment of a Dedicated Group on Internet-related Public Policy Issues as an integral part of the Council Working Group on World Summit on the Information Society




Resolution 1282 Word icon (Council 2008) ITU's role in implementing the outcomes of the World Summit on the Information Society

ITU Council Working Groups related to WSIS

Council WG-WSIS: The WG-WSIS was created in 2002 (see Resolution 1196). In October 2010, PP 10 endorsed the relevant work already undertaken and/or to be carried out by ITU in implementing the WSIS outcomes, under the aegis of the Council Working Group on WSIS (WG-WSIS), requesting the Council to maintain the WG-WSIS in order to facilitate membership input and guidance on the ITU implementation of relevant WSIS outcomes and to elaborate proposals to the Council that may be necessary for adapting ITU to its role in building the information society. (Res. ). For more information see CWG-WSIS Website.

ITU Focal Points

Focal Points For
WSIS Action Lines

Focal Points For Other WSIS Outcomes Relevant To ITU


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