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International Telegraph Conference (London, 1879)

11 June - 28 July 1879 - London, United Kingdom

This was an administrative conference therefore, the International Telegraph Convention of St. Petersburg was not revised. However, revisions were made to the Regulations for the international service and the Tables of fixed rates to be used in establishing international tariffs. The revised version was annexed to the International Telegraph Convention, St. Petersburg (1875). In addition, charging methods were revised so that charges were now applied by word.
International Telegraph Conference (London, 1879)
    • Convention télégraphique internationale de Saint-Pétersbourg (1875) et Règlement et tarifs y annexés (Londres, 1879)
    • Documents de la Conférence télégraphique internationale (Londres, 1879)


Mr. C.H.B. Patey, Deputy-Director of the Department of Posts and Telegraphs (Great Britain)

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    • Liste des participants de la Conférence télégraphique internationale (Londres, 1879)

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