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"Broadband networks offer perhaps the greatest opportunity we have ever had to make rapid and solid advances in global social and economic development – across all sectors, including healthcare, education, new job opportunities, transportation, agriculture, trade and government services. In the twenty-first century, broadband networks therefore need to be considered as basic critical infrastructure, like roads, railways, water and power networks." 

Mr Houlin Zhao, ITU Secretary-General​ 

The UN Broadband Commission

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10th Meeting of the Broadband Commission in New York 

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​​​​The Open Letter from the Broadband Commission to the ITU PP-14 Delegates notes the strong links between broadband and development and urges "Member States to continue to push for inclusion of ICTs and bro​adband as key enabling transformative technologies in the post-2015 development agenda. 

State of Broadband


Over 50% of the global population will have Internet access within three years’ time, with mobile broadband over smartphones and tablets now the fastest growing technology in human history.

Trends in Telecommunication Reform

MIS 2013
The annual Trends in Telecommunication Reform publications are a key part of the dialogue with the world's information and communications technology (ICT) policy-makers and regulators fostering economic and market growth while ensuring that all citizens safely benefit from the digital opportunities brought by the digital economy. This new edition is exceptionally free of charge.