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Amendments to the latest edition

This site contains all the changes received by the Radiocommunication Bureau relating to the 2013 Edition of the List of International Monitoring Stations.

Amendments by Administrations

This lists contains all the amendments to the latest Edition , by administrations,  which  have been published in the relevant ITU Operational Bulletin(s): 

​Administration​Amendment IDOperational Bulletin​
Russian FederationAmendment 1 Edition 2013.pdf    ​No. 1044 (15.I.2014)        
Vietnam​​Amendment 2 Edition 2013.pdf​No. 1062 (15.X.2014)
AustriaAmendment 3 Edition 2013.pdfNo. 1062 (15.X.2014)
​SpainAmendment 4 Edition 2013.pdfNo. 1062 (15.X.2014)
​PortugalAmendment 5 Edition 2013.pdfNo. 1069 (1.II.2015)
​Russian FederationAmendment 6 Edition 2013.pdfNo. 1070 (15.II.2015)
​IndiaAmendment 7 Edition 2013.pdfNo. 1076 (15.V.2015)
​JapanAmendment 8 Edition 2013.pdf​​No. 1081 (1.VIII.2015)
​Russian FederationAmendment 9 Edition 2013.pdf​​No. 1083 (1.IX.2015)
Russian Federation​​Amendment 10 Edition 2013.pdfNo. 1087 (1.XI.2015)
Indonesia (Republic of)Amendment 11 Edition 2013.pdfNo. 1090 (15.XII.2015)
​​Indonesia (Republic of)Amendment 12 Edition 2013.pdfNo. 1093 (1.II.2016)
AustraliaAmendment 13 Edition 2013.pdfNo. 1093 (1.II.2016)
Russian Federation​​Amendment 14 Edition 2013.pdf​​No. 1097 (1.IV.2016)

Archive - Edition of 2009 and 2005

This compilation contains notified amendments taken from the relevant ITU Operational Bulletin(s) relating to the 2009 Edition of the List of International Monitoring Stations.

Archives from 2005  > 

​Administration​Amendment IDOperational Bulletin​
PakistanAmendment 3.pdfNo. 966 (15.X.2010)
Russian Federation   ​Amendment 4.pdfNo. 967 (1.XI.2010)
Amendment 6.pdfNo. 991 (1.XI.2011)   
Amendment 7.pdfNo. 994 (15.XII.2011)
Amendment 8.pdf​No. 1002 (15.IV.2012)
UkraineAmendment 5.pdfNo. 974 (15.II.2011)